Day 11

Well, I did it.  I felt like going further and I did.  The first 8 days were just juice and smoothies made with Sun Warrior Protein powder and Hemp protein powder…so it has also been all raw….except for some dry spices, miso paste and tea.  Last Thursday, which was day 4, a pimple popped out on my knee….a very painful pimple that I kept bumping.  Throughout that day, the bottom of my foot progressively got more and more painful , (the right foot, the corn is always on the left).  On Friday, I drank an extra green drink and thought that it had eased the pain a bit but it didn’t.  On Saturday the pain was so bad that I was limping, it went from the top of my hip to the bottom of my heel.  Thursday through Saturday…and Sunday morning, I did lots of yoga, drank water and did Reiki.  Finally on Sunday, I was back to normal as if nothing had ever been wrong.  I’ve read quite a bit that old wounds and illnesses will surface during a cleanse, especially if you weren’t eating right when it healed the first time.  In that leg, I had broken the ankle….and that was a spot that really hurt, and I had topical skin cancer….but I was eating healthy when  that was discovered.  All toxins pool in the lower body, especially the hip area….I feel that I went through a nice detox.  Just like always, when it got to the height of discomfort, I was ready to stop the fast….and just like always….I’m so glad that I didn’t.  The past 3 days have been blended drinks instead of juice.  Tomorrow I will start bringing solid foods back in….but raw.

The group I am leading is amazing, I couldn’t ask for better people!  We have only had 2 meetings, but it just feels like such a good flow….I feel privileged to be with them.

One more thing…

This morning while I was watching Joyce Meyer….I watch her, Creflo Dollar and KCM every morning….I was feeling pressure in my chest to the point of getting worried.  I was planning on washing floors today after doing yoga.  I did Reiki on myself, said a prayer….it didn’t go away.  I thought that maybe I shouldn’t do what I was planning….but I still went up to do some really slow and gentle yoga.  Within about 5 minutes all of the pressure was gone and energy was flowing smoothly and freely throughout my body….I did the entire hour and feel like a million bucks.  The past 2 1/2 days have been such a relief….literally….and today is my 21st day!  After reading about what 40 days can do fasting wise, I’m going to continue for that amount.  The gratitude, hope and longing to get closer and go further is so huge in me right now….I haven’t felt this good in a long time….now off to do the glamorous job of washing the floors : )

I have washed the floors now….and it does feel good….maybe even a little glamorous….I have some pretty pink rubber gloves with hearts all over them : )  I listened to Tony Robbins while I was doing it….I forgot how motivating he is!  He is definitely one of my hero’s.  I have had this set of tapes for probably over 15 years….and yes, they are tapes, I had to go and find a player to listen to them….maybe I’ve had them longer, he says that he’s 29 on this recording…..I think that he’s several years older than me….and I just turned 44.  I have the 30 day “Personal Power” and the “Get the Edge” series….they have both been so valuable over the years….Tony is on my list of people that I have to meet in my life time!  Well, I have some more work to do before I go and get my massage….now that IS glamorous!!!!

End of juice fast for the Daniel fast for me and Chalean Extreme results

Hi All,

This is the end of many’s day 1….like I said, I got excited and started on 1-1-11….I just wanted to write that : ) This is the end of my day 3. I feel good, I am looking forward to solid food tomorrow. This time I had a small grain at each meal, and did not give up caffeine so my suffering wasn’t so bad….and when it was….I just re-said my prayer list, read something inspirational like the Fasting book or the Bible, did some yoga, watched/listened to someone spiritual….Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, the Copelands….we have DVR and I have DVD’s. I also watched, “Super Charge Me” on Saturday, it’s about a woman who goes raw for 30 days, her experience and transformation…we don’t need to go all raw….unless you want to…..the vegan food will do wonders for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…..the movie is motivating though for things you can expect to experience. Another really good movie to watch is “Food Matters”….these are all good tools to keep you on track.

Eric started today, he’s doing okay….he did give up coffee….he has never done that before…..and has to keep saying his prayers ;-). I’m not drinking coffee….I gave that up about a year and a half ago and can’t drink it any more….I recently tried the Teechino too and that was too strong…..I can’t believe that I totally lost my tolerance for something that was such a huge part of my existence. What I am doing though is probably no better….I have become addicted to Pepsi Max and have written about that in here before….I’ve gone up to a couple of months without it and feel down, tired, unmotivated….it’s scary…..the Pepsi Max makes me all right with the world….I’m also having tea that is healthy. This addiction is on my list of prayers. I did pray about this a lot before going on the fast and that’s the conclusion that I came to….I hope it’s not self-indulgent….we shall see.

Chalene Extreme update: I measured myself this morning….there hasn’t been a change since the first month….but I didn’t need to lose weight and I really just wanted to tighten up my abs and arms along with have more energy and a better winter mood….mission accomplished. I didn’t like the “lean phase” and went back to the “burn phase”. I’m just going to start another round of it….they don’t take too long and I can change my aerobic and yoga tapes.

Happy New Year!

Wow, the holiday’s are here and gone, it seems like it all went so fast.  We just came home from Mexico and had an amazing time….it’s our first vacation in 4 years….I don’t want to wait that long to do it again.  I think that I would love to live in a tropical environment for the winter….I know I would.  My skin looked so healthy, (in fact my hands looked so good and without lotion until we flew back into Michigan….then they were all dry and shriveled looking), the produce was so so so good and I never get tired of sunshine…..yes…..I want to live in a tropical environment for the winter.  I also discovered a wonderful salad while I was there….I think that I’ll call it “Salsa Salad”… will be posted this week….good stuff!

Alexis got sick for the first 2 days there….but was good to go after that….and thank God the rest of us didn’t get it.  Alexis and I also got to swim with the dolphins….way way way cool, Brett and Alexis went para sailing, we all went to a couple of different parks where you could jump off of cliffs, scuba, raft through caves, drive Jeeps….the kids didn’t get to though because you had to be able to prove that you were 18 to drive it and Brett didn’t bring his license…..they did travel through zip lines though….I was up and hooked up but just couldn’t bring myself to do it….I’m a wimp : (   I was so grateful to not be fat at these parks….I wouldn’t have been able to do most of what we did….they were work outs….and I loved it….so maybe I’m not such a total wimp : )  The food at “Explore” was awesome and all healthy….probably the best selection of things I could eat the entire trip.  The parks were nothing like anything in the US….I don’t think that they have many lawyers there….you were at your own risk….and there were some very big ones.  Eric and I loved the town of Play Del Carmen….the kids weren’t big on that….but we went twice….love it!  Eric and I are also planning on taking Spanish when we can find a class….it was fun using what little we knew and learned….Alexis’s 2 years of Spanish came in handy quite a few times….I wonder if she can get extra credit for that : )  I also did yoga on the beach….what a great exceptional feeling that was….next time however I won’t do it directly on the sand in my bathing suit….I paid for that for a few days.

Last year Eric, the kids and I all put lists together of what we wanted for the year and I kept them in an envelope all year.  Everything that was important to each of us was received, accomplished or fulfilled by something similar or even closer to the actual essence of what we really wanted…..thanks God!  We did that again on New Years Day….in Mexico : )  At a meeting today we were asked the question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew that you would not fail?”  That is a great question!  It’s a question we should all ask ourselves on a regular basis…..then just do it. Several years ago my list included getting my weight under control….and I found cea how in February….I love New Years.

For several months I was getting the feeling and desire to go back into real estate….I’ve done it on and off along with mortages for most of my adult life and have always kept up on the market just because I’m interested in what’s going on.  This is something that I’ve been taking the next step with for a little over a month and I’m starting tomorrow with re-orientation to the board of realtors….and have a company that I’ll be working with….so far everything feels right….it feels like God is guiding me…..I’ve had this feeling with things in the past and it usually does turn out to be God working wonders in my life….I’m excited to see what He’s going to have me do with this….I have complete trust in Him.

What’s in store for you for 2010?  What would you like it to look like?  Visualization is a powerful tool….try it on purpose and see.

Upcoming classes

We just posted the upcoming classes available in the fall.  The ones held last year were a lot of fun.  If you’re in the area, we’d love to have you!  Click here for more information or click on the “Classes” link on the website.

Is Yoga Enough?

My basement is getting finished….it’s looking great too….but I haven’t been able to do my “Firm” workout for a couple of weeks.  I thought this was a good opportunity to go raw again, (also just because I was feeling stuck and heavy) and to see how I would do on just yoga and pilates….go for that nice lean dancer type of look.  Last week I did yoga…a little too intensely…what I though were toxins leaving my kidneys were really bones and/or muscles being strained too much.  The result….acute back pain for the past 4 days.   I’ve also had to do some painting….it will save me $800 : )…..but going up and down that little ladder didn’t feel so good….and I think it made it worse….walking felt good though….but the bottom line is that I really didn’t exercise much at all last week…or the week before….except for a few days.  Today even though….maybe because…..I was in pain I did yoga.  I did one that I’ve had for  a while but couldn’t do before….I did it…all except “The Raven”, (you put your body weight up on your arms and balance….I’m so not there yet).  It was way too hard for me in the past and I never finished it….today, it was refreshing….and my back has loosened up a bit.  I have a Chiropractor appointment and massage this afternoon…so the two of them will get me up and running again…just kidding about the running…I don’t run.

I’m wondering now though if yoga is enough.  It looks like that’s the main exercise of a lot of raw fooders, it feels good…..and I know a woman who is about 65 who does it…and does it well….she looks amazing, (healthy, bright eyes, skin and hair, no wrinkles), and seems to have a full and abundant life….I know she’s been a vegetarian for quite a few years too.  I look at people like Rodney Yee….he’s all muscle and Marielle Hemingway….she looks great and is my age.  I would love feed back on your personal experience with it.

My weight is not my concern

My sponsor so kindly reminded me that I didn’t get to where I am on my own and that I won’t get fat again…If I gain weight…we take away a food…if I lose…we add…it’s as simple as that. My body will fluctuate from time to time…I just need to follow the program. Exercise still has it’s place though…just not to be used as a control tool…it’s for youth, vitality, strength, flexibility, release of emotions, etc. I really have a great sponsor! Having said that…I am calm and normal again this morning…and I would still like to tighten up my stomach…so I did take the measurements…waist 30….ab area 34…and I did the 20 minute Winsor Pilates…I wrote down the exercises a long time ago so I can do them in front of the t.v….so it really took about 10 or 15 minutes…I don’t need the explanation every time. My plan is to do it Wed, Sat and Sun…I do The Firm on Mon and Thurs and Yoga on Tues and Fri….I feel great when I’m doing this…but if I miss one…I just carry on to the next thing….it’s ok….it’s a lifestyle…not a marathon. It’s a beautiful sunny day here…we’re going to go to church…then I want to clean my car….we’ll see if I still do later : )