End of Daniel Fast

Yesterday was day 40 of the Daniel Fast. This has been another amazing experience. With each year and each fast I move closer and closer to living like that on a daily basis rather than just for a time period….but there is something very special about committing that time with God. I love to dwell in His presence….but I feel like I can never get close enough. We had a chihuahua….Jack….he was such a good snuggler…..but he could never seem to get close enough….he would be right next to me…..smashed up as close as possible but he would still wiggle and push to get even closer…..that’s how I feel with God….there are moments of comfort….then I start to wiggle and push to get even closer….and that feels good.

I’m having some really wonderful experiences…..spirit led experiences. Eric and I are taking a class on “the blood covenant”….it sounds pretty mystical and magical….and it is! It’s really powerful….really exciting…..really enlightening. My spiritual life has seemed to be all over the place….and it has…..like a puzzle….there are pieces that you don’t think could possibly be a part of the same picture….and seem as if they are even on opposing ends….yet the more the picture comes together, the more clear and amazing it is how it all works together….it’s all a part of the same picture….even when it seemed as though I was going in the opposite direction….and the picture is so vast and more beautiful than I thought it could be….and it’s still just coming into light….”I ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. I have also been reminded that some good things are in my life permanently and some aren’t….or I just need to take my focus on the next right thing….the right thing for me to progress….for me to become who I was created to be….and it is all okay if I follow God….God’s direction for my life….if I don’t, things just get uncomfortable until I do…but as soon as I do they are comfortable and exciting again.

One of my amazing things….well this has been coming into view for many years….but it seems as though there is extra light and extra energy when I’m doing this fast….and the addict in me wants it 24/7….and of course, more, more, more….actually I think that the wanting of more, more, more is really the void that only God can fill and I will continue to want more until it is filled by Him. Oh dear, I do believe that I’m becoming fanatical….oh well : ) Back to my amazing thing….Reiki. I have been working with this energy since 1997 and it has been quite the experience. I can’t even begin to compute the amount of hours I have spent working with this, receiving information…from God…then applying it…then receiving more and applying that as well. Over the past 7 years I seem to have been in an intensive training with this learning how to attune places, people, times, chakra’s, clearing emotions, energy blocks….some really cool stuff. During this fast a woman was sent to me by a mutual friend, someone that I have never met….(I still haven’t met her, this was all done as distance healing….but we talked on the phone), she was sent to me to heal one thing….which we did….but by applying the lessons that God has taught me….it went deeper and wider than was apparent…it has been such a beautiful experience……and I believe a validating experience….I will just keep going forward and will know by the results….I will know by the fruit : )

I have so much more that I have learned or have been enlightened about….like faith….what it is….I thought I had it…and I did/do….but my understanding of it is so much more clear and it’s clear in a way that is powerful, active and profound. Actually so much has been coming to me over the past few months that I haven’t written about that I hope to. I’ll admit, I’ve been a little bit shy about putting things on here….I think too much about who will read it and what they will think….but that creates a block….when I’m real….cool things happen : )

25 Days Raw

I’m feeling really good.  The plan was to go 21 days, then vegan for another 19…but I’m happy raw…and it’s January in Michigan!  The cleansing group that I have been privileged to lead is doing so well, pounds have been dropping, but the best part is that people are feeling so good and are wanting to continue eating this way….they’re doing cooked and raw.  Eric gave up his coffee again and could have had it back as of yesterday but chose not to : )  He looks good…his skin has a plumpness and glow to it that it didn’t before.  Others have given up coffee too and you can see it in their faces.  Alexis has been doing this with us from the beginning of the year and is still with it too…she completed her 21 days and took her real milk back and had a little chicken…but nothing processed…she likes how she feels too.  One of the best parts with her was an answer to a prayer, actually two.  She has been undecided on what direction to go in for college….major and school….about 2 weeks ago she was panicking about it, I asked her if she had been saying her prayers and did Reiki….no kidding, within 30 minutes she came running down the stairs all excited because she found a major that incorporated everything that she wanted to do and one of the schools that she was already accepted by had a top program in that area, she has been strong on that ever since.  We haven’t actually visited this college yet because it’s 9 hours away : O….but she has read everything about it and has done every virtual tour available…. now instead of going somewhere warm and sunny for spring break, we will be going deeper into the heart of winter….another : O…but she loves snow.

It’s so heartwarming and motivating to see how cleansing with prayer and purpose impacts people.  Someone following the blog, (Tif : ) even decided to give it a try.

Secrets of the Vine

It has been a few days since I stopped the all raw….and it only was a few days, that’s all it took.  I’m amazed, the gap has been closed, my questions answered and the road to follow is well lit….well enough for my next steps.    I woke up a few mornings ago with the book, “Secrets of the Vine” on my mind.  It’s a tiny little book by Bruce Wilkinson, the same author as “The Prayer of Jabez”.  I found it in the bookcase in the basement, sat down and looked at it for a little while.  The first chapter didn’t really seem to be clicking with me and I felt that I really should be doing something rather than reading a book, so I put it down and went to work.  I thought about it a few more times throughout the morning then after lunch decided to look at it a little better on the deck….it was a good excuse to go out and sit in the sun : )  After just a few minutes, I was in awe.  It was directly speaking to my confusion on an issue!  An issue that was keeping me in a state of bondage really….something that I felt that I had control over, or that I needed to do something about to make “right”.  The book shows how sometimes God is disciplining us, sometimes He’s pruning us and there comes a time where He just wants us to “hang” with Him….and like I said, it showed me where I was at….not only with the issue that I was not overcoming, but with where I’m at in life in general.  It gave me a sense of peace and security that I haven’t felt in a while….exactly what I had asked for upon doing this fast.

I meditate regularly, in a group, 2-3 times a week.  I watch Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, the Copelands, Joel Osteen and sometimes Charles Stanley and Greggory Dickkow…..daily.  I do Reiki when I feel the need to….sometimes hours in a day, sometimes I won’t for a week.  I have felt the need to give at least an hour a day to just “hang” with God, by reading the Bible and other books through the Hindu and Buddhism religions as well as Christian….I want to know God as well as I possibly can…..I want to know who He says He is….and the only way to do that is to spend time with Him….I would actually like to spend more than an hour a day with him…..but it feels self-indulgent…..so I deny myself….even the hour.  Just over the past couple of days of doing it though, God has shown me, again, how everything else is so much easier when I put Him first, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added on to you”.   He talks to me, I can hear Him, follow Him and reap the rewards.  Eric is a tremendous support….he sees the benefits and expresses them…..that we all receive when I do this.  This isn’t something new over the past few days….but it has been a “renewal”.  I really need to stop getting in my own way : )  Life is Good!!!!

Thank you God for another healing!!!

I went to the OB/GYN today for a follow up to an appointment that I had last winter. When I had my annual check up they found my uterus to be too large…it was 20 centimeters when it’s supposed to be 12 and I also had a cyst on my ovary. The doctor took a sample of the tissue and it was fine. She put me on Prometrium to thin the lining…I was terrified to take it with my family history of cancer and the progesterone can cause cancer….I took it though for about 10 days or so….I was supposed to for the entire 6 months….I started feeling side effects, (one of them though was to empty my uterus and it did that….I just didn’t need it for 6 months), and I don’t remember exactly what they were but I got on the web to find out what I could about this….and it is common to prescribe progesterone to thin the lining. I also found that a congested liver could cause cysts on the ovaries and enough information to come to the conclusion to do one…I started with a colon cleanse, then 2 liver cleanses, and finished with a parasite cleanse….actually 2 of those as well. There was a lot of praying involved and Reiki. Today my results were that the uterus lining is now 6.1 and the cyst is gone! She was very happy to give me my good news….and I was very happy to receive it. I hope I don’t sound anit-doctor….because I’m not…I totally believe in getting annual check ups, listening to their advise and following up….and we definitely need them…..but we really need to be aware of our own bodies, ask lots and lots of questions, pray and follow up on what we feel is right, or what God wants us to do….and still keep checking to see if we’re doing it right until it is right. This was the 3rd time that I was prescribed something serious that natural health healed….I would not have known what the problem was though or that it was healed without the doctors. I think that we need to team up with our doctors and take an active role in our health; both preventative and recovery. Both of my parents did what they wanted food, drink and lifestyle wise, both of them….especially my dad….avoided the doctors and doing what was suggested….I think because they knew that “stop smoking, stop drinking, eat better and exercise” would be top on the list and they didn’t what to do that….but they both followed at the end when it was too late but what was being suggested couldn’t compensate for all of the abuse they did to their bodies or the lack of listening when they needed to….and they didn’t have time at that point to look into it. It makes me sad to think about, but it won’t be in vain if we can learn from them or the people around us…this is serious business our health and not something that will go away if we ignore it….actually…it will go away if we ignore it.

Take care of you!!!!!

I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please for give me? Thank you. “Ho’oponopono”

I heard a talk about “Ho’oponopono” about a year ago. The story was about a psychologist who worked for a high security prison. He never actually met with the prisoners, but he went through each of their files and said, “I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me? Thank you” The prisoners went from being very aggressive, fighting each other and needing to be in shackles to peaceful and free within the environment. That is all I knew about the story at that time. I have been recently working on someone with Reiki who is experiencing emotional blocks that are very old and because they are blocks this person is not able to…or isn’t aware of how….to release these blocks. The message came to me….I thought for her….and it is for her…..to do this exercise. I thought that I would try it myself too….this was yesterday. I sat and just visualized different people to do this with, they were people that I have said something that I shouldn’t have, did something that I shouldn’t have, some things big but mostly things that were small…and most likely things that they never gave a second thought to….but the more I did it the lighter I felt. I then visualized people that I thought did me wrong…they were entirely to blame….and I had no part in it what-so-ever : ) ha ha ha….now that was a major lift….major….and I was floating around quite a while….I think I spent about an hour doing this with anyone and everyone that came to mind. Later that day I experienced a “let down”, I don’t know if my high got so high that I just crashed or what. Then I talked to this feeling with the same statements….and I was lifted again. Today has been so wonderful….and I continue to do it….sending it out to anyone who comes to mind, our country, our politicians, people I barely know….everyone.

I started looking on the internet for the story….I did that last night….but much more today and I’m just amazed with what I’m reading about it. It’s pretty much erasing negative patterns….actually letting God remove the patterns….we have to ask….He gives us free will. It’s about taking 100% responsibility for everything that we experience….even when it seems totally obvious that it’s the other person, the government, the schools, etc….how powerful is that? How freeing! How amazing! Just based on my experience over the past 24 hours with this and the feelings I am having and releasing….and I wasn’t even aware that they were there….but I have been aware of blocks, fears, inhibitions….I just didn’t know what to do….I thought I did….I’d pray, say affirmations, pump myself up….and that all does work….but when there is something stuck way down deep that we’re not aware of….and the subconscious feeling is more powerful than the conscious one…the subconscious one wins…this is another way of letting God go in and correct the pattern, remove the stink, fix the broken record. I am so full of gratitude right now. I did find you tube videos and a great interview that we will be getting on here as soon as possible….but in the mean time….you don’t have to know how this works….just say those statements, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and thank you” to who ever comes into your mind and experience the love, grace and peace that follows!

I love you lots and lots! And I’m sorry, will you please forgive me? and thank you : )

Day 17 of the Daniel Fast

Wow, I can’t believe it’s this far already!  I feel really good, I’m still going through book after book…at least one a day…on raw food and the Bible….especially the book of Romans….and in particular number 8….I think that I’ve read that every day this week…very, very, very inspirational!!!!  I’ve also read Daniel on fasting several times….I have the stuff I like highlighted….and Proverbs…what ever day it is, that’s the number I read.  I’ve gone to my meditation group twice….I need to make sure that I go to that at least once a week…..I just function so much better when I do….all the time, not just during fasting.  It’s amazing, the spiritual connection I feel to God when I do this….like why would I ever want to go back to “normal”?

Work wise….I am back in real estate and my first listing will be my own property up north….hopefully by Monday for the holiday weekend.  I attuned it to Reiki about 4 years ago when I was first learning how to do it and since that time we’ve put it on the market to sell with 4 different realtors.  There were 2 easements on it that the neighbor in front of us was using to try and claim access to our property….he didn’t have any rights but was able to cause confusion with them…for others and us.  He would tell people that we had a public access through our yard and direct them through it, he put boats in our yard, other debris, he left junk boats in the water….it was quite a night mare dealing with this guy, but he now stays completely off of our property.  The fence lines were off too making our yard appear smaller than it was, (we have a privacy fence that blocks the view of his place from ours….which is absolutely beautiful, clean and tidy)….and this man lives just about as messy and dirty and lazy as anyone I’ve ever seen….do you remember Fred Sandford from Sanford and Son?  Well, I think he’s related to my neighbor.  If that wasn’t enough to scare people off….and we’ve had people who were very interested but walked away due to him….he would come out and tell people that he had a law suit against us because of the easements…not when we were there of course….and there isn’t one….the police did come out and have a talk with him about it.  It’s been both interesting and frustrating dealing with him for us and the realtors…..the solution….we just kept dropping the price….we do live in Michigan too where the market has been not so good over all anyway….but I believe that we would have sold it already if it were not for him.

About a month or so ago I felt like I needed to attune it again so I did.  Since that time, we found a great local builder that quite honestly we just contacted to re do the fence so that the lines would be proper….and to more define the yard, especially the “non public access” and give more privacy from the road and man in front.  To do that I contacted the surveyor to re establish the stakes.  I also contacted Consumers…the owner of one of the easements to see about putting the fence over their easement….and was not only able to do that but got directed to the right people and actually had it completely removed from the property!  (I also met a neat lady in the process who loved this site….she’s the one who helped the most : )  The other easement in question….not by us but by the man in front,(we had 2 attorney’s look at it and determine that it was only for our use)….will be able to be much more clear to the average Joe looking at the survey….it will actually be consolidated and not even on the survey….no more confusion : )  This may sound easy,(and it has been), but it’s been through 3 attorneys, a title company and 4 realtors prior to being attuned….and it was anything but easy.  Another very nice thing was the other things the builder was able to accomplish that in my mind were just pipe dreams and really gave it the wow factor.  God is now in charge and we’re just taking the next step.  I’m putting this out there now because I believe that this is a part of my calling….to work with the energy of properties and balance them for the current people, as well as the past and future.  I have seen some amazing things happen as a result of attuning properties to Reiki and cleansing the energy….but this is the first that is going out on record….and as it’s happening…..hopefully the first of many wonderful, exciting stories….I will keep you posted.