4 weeks raw – new recipes

Today was 4 weeks raw…with 2 cooked ( but not all cooked) meals in there at different points. I’m feeling better all the time…my skin looks and feels really good. I got a massage today…lucky me, my insurance covers it with the visit to the Chiropractor…yes, lucky me. The girl that does the massages really gets all the toxins out…it feels so healthy. I’ve had dreams too of “old” stuff leaving the house…I know that means releasing old baggage. That’s still a work in progress. Today we went to get Brett from his 3 day orientation…I took my raw lunch in the car and ate it on the way down…when we took him there the plan was to go out to lunch, (Alexis and me) while we were out shopping, last minute I decided to pack my raw lunch and was so glad that I did…it really is enjoyable to eat this way, I feel special and cared for…I know it sounds corny…but it’s true. I just posted these recipes…Raw Chili and Raw Mexican salad with dressing…they were really good…I haven’t given you raw lo mein with Asian dressing yet though…that will be next week.

It’s interesting, the chili sounded good, a recipe popped into my head and it was great. I saw a beautiful Asian dish as a deli…health food deli…and my mind worked out a way to have it raw…and it was soooooooooo gooooooood…..I’ve had it for dinner 2 nights in a row now….I will give that one to you soon and you really have to try it…if you just “like” Asian food I think that you’re going to love this. It’s almost like I have this little genie on my shoulder granting me raw food wishes as we go….thank you little genie : )