Chalean Extreme Update

I finished phase 2…Push….Friday and am now on the lean phase.  My measurements are the same…I may have gained 3/4 of an inch on my hips…it’s hard to measure those spots….how hard did I pull it in last time : )?  It’s fun to suck in all the way and pull it tight : )  My weight is the same….but I did get to add a food!  I feel a sense of accomplishment by finishing it each week….and now 2 months….we are still putting our workouts on the refrigerator….Eric and me….Alexis got to busy with school, debate, church and friends and blew us off.  Today is Wednesday so I’ve done 3 days of the lean….my body hurts….but I don’t know if I like it….my favorite is the burn phase…..that was the first month.  I like to learn how to do a work out then just keep doing it.  One thing cool was that Eric just told me that he can’t finish the ab burner….I can do it, no problem : )  There’s something that my years of pilates did….I’m still amazed at how fast my abs went down in one month with this when they didn’t pull in with the 3 or more years of the Pilates….they were obviously stronger than I thought though : )

Day 9 of the Daniel Fast

I finally did find the post I wrote on Cinco De Mayo….but it’s close to the one I wrote the next day.  The juice fast was very cleansing….although I did get really hungry on the 3 rd day…for dinner I included 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with 1/8 of an avocado.  Physically I feel good, I’ve been having trouble with having energy crashes in the afternoon just after lunch….but I get up at 6 am after staying up until 11pm….when I sleep naturally….or wake up naturally….I seem to be like clockwork with 8 hours….during the week, it’s 7 so I do get behind anyway.  Yesterday though, I did get a bit run down but popped right back up and was fine.  I usually lay down for 15 or 20 minutes in the afternoon if I can….and thanks God….usually I can.  Emotionally and mentally I feel very even keeled, in the past I’ve gotten “ah ha” moments while doing this….nothing so far but that’s not so bad.  I am really drawn to raw foods again to the point of that is all I want to read about, watch, research….and of course experiment with new recipes : )  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go all raw due to the protein….but maybe…..I’m used to living on yogurt for my protein and have had none of that during this fast….I’m mostly eating hemp protein and soy milk smoothies, sprouted lentils, (they’re raw), soy nut butter and re-fried beans…fat free of course…..and OMG….have I got a recipe coming for you!!!!  Spiritually, this goes with the raw food living too….I feel more grounded but at the same time more elevated and connected with God.  I went to my meditation group on Wednesday and I haven’t been in a few weeks….it was like I heard God say, “Would you like a spiritual experience out of the fast or not?”  I said YES, YES, I definitely would!  The meditation was awesome, I had trouble staying in my body…and sense I was sitting in a chair and didn’t think that the lady next to me would appreciate me plopping onto her…I made sure that I stayed in my body : )  I do need to exercise more though…I’ve been doing a yoga/pilates combination on my own for about a month but I’m not really getting my heart rate up, the weather has been horrible….but now it’s looking good so I’m going to get out there and walk…power walk….in the beautiful sunshine!  But for now, I have a list of things to complete first….adios amigos!

April 30, 2009

Brett’s home safe.  Eric and Alexis went to get him last night….we were going to get him today….and today is gorgeous out side….they moved him in the rain last night….but now they get to go golfing instead.  I’ve done about 4 loads of laundry….I think Brett just quit doing it a few months ago….he said a couple of weeks, but….I don’t know….it’s okay for now, I’m happy that he’s home.  Poor Alexis still had to go to school, we were going to let her come with us today…but it’s all done….she’s been texting me….and at least negotiated some Diet Pepsi Max….My dad was a professional negotiator….no joke, he was a mediator….both my kids seemed to pick up that trait : )

I didn’t go last night because I was in class.  Meditation class….I love it!  Last year around this time I did the raw food fast and this year it has been vegan….with a lot of that being raw….obviously if you’ve been reading my blog.  Last year I had some interesting emotions come up and out….this year it’s been pretty mellow but there’s a blissful expectancy.

I feel really lucky with the program that I’m in….it’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.  It seems like I take care of an issue on one of these levels and it effects all the others….they are all in sync….or all off….what ever you prefer….I prefer in sync.  I’ve been reading “Raw Emotions” by Angela Stokes (She went totally raw when she was over 300 lbs….but still had the obsession with the sugars and processed foods….an amazing transformation), and watched Oprah yesterday, (Kirstie Alley was on and gained all her weight back….I would love for her to learn about this sugar/flour obsession).  You don’t have to be a labeled compulsive eater….that’s what I am….to have a problem with sugar and flour or reap the rewards of obstaining from it….I read so much that it’s a drug….the drug of choice for many….and it’s such a trap and such a prison….and we think it’s our reward.  I am so grateful that it’s necessary for me to stay away from it….otherwise I would forever trying to figure it into my eating….hey, that’s what I did do and why I don’t do that anymore ; ).  I like living like this….I like it a lot!

I just want to add also that getting here to this point hasn’t been just one thing.  For me it’s been the 12 step groups, meditation…years and years of meditation….but I love it…now there’s a drug for me : )….church, (tv and in real life) , the people that God has put into my life….they’re always just the right ones you know….even….maybe especially the ones who we think are there to drive us nuts ; )….we learn some valuable lessons from them…and they stick….and it doesn’t drive us nuts anymore when we learn them.  What led me to everything I needed?  The 3rd and 7th step prayers….and I still say them every day.

Food yesterday was:

1/4 C oat bran, pina colada smoothie, green drink, oil pill, multi vitamin/mineral.

16 oz Butternut Squash soup – Indian Style…1/2 raw and 1/2 cooked, 1 slice sprouted bread with 1/4 avocado, 1 oz puffed wheat with 1 C soy milk, 4 oz pineapple, 1/2 banana.

16 oz awesome rawsome salad with corn and 1/4 avocado, Chocolate/peanut butter smoothie.

Exercise was Pilates and a lot of spring cleaning….I’m going to do more of that….I just found out that our neighborhood garage sale is next Friday and I have a lot of things to get rid of…big things….will that equal big money?  I hope so….because then I can buy more things….my grandma used to tell me, “We need people like you Sandee….you keep our economy going”….let’s all get out there and do our parts to keep this economy alive : )

One more time with the amaranth…exercise and detox.

I had the amaranth cold tonight…I have at least 2 servings left…I just put it in the bowl cold…added a spoonful of Stevia, a spoonful of cocoa and 1/2 Tbs of sugar free coconut syrup…that was very good…I will have it again tomorrow…and add it to the recipe page…it’s also supposed to be good for your lungs and I’ve had a cough…so I will finish it for sure.

I haven’t been doing my regular workouts for the past few weeks because of spring cleaning and last week I was down with this cold….by the way I didn’t start the Body Flex and Pilates until Sunday…so I’m a week behind in seeing how it will effect the waistline…sorry. Tonight I took the dog for a walk then came home and did The Firm….there is no substitute for your regular workout…it’s like my body’s saying “Thank you Sandee!!!”

I hope this doesn’t gross you out…but it’s exciting…I told you the the infrared sauna is a great detoxifier…it wouldn’t be fun just to sit in there and sweat if it wasn’t…but it also got all my “pipes” cleaned out big time! I filled the toilet before I went to bed…then about 3 times this morning before breakfast…I felt pretty good today…I did : )


I’m feeling a little nervous…ok…a lot….when you’re a compulsive obsessive person…the middle road on this kind of thing is easy to get off of. Funny, I just said yesterday that I can wear white…I did tonight…with my new jeans…Alexis said it made me look big…and the jeans felt a little snug….my weight was fine on Thursday…but I’m still freaking out a bit. When I started “spring cleaning” a few weeks ago…I slowed down on my workouts…I figured that I was getting enough exercise with the cleaning…well now my stomach seems bigger….I wasn’t even thinking about any of this a few hours ago…now I’m obsessing…any way…I stopped doing Pilates quite a few months ago…and I’m going to start again in the morning…I’ll let you know how it goes….I’m going to measure my waist and abs in the morning too…then in a couple of weeks.

Eric just walked by and told me again that I looked really good…but I’m still going to do the Pilates and measurements. I ate at an all you can eat buffet…I like them because I can get enough vegetables with out paying a lot more….but now I’m looking back at it wondering if I ate too many beans…I think I did…I think I need to just go to bed and end this day and be normal again tomorrow. Good night Gracie : )