It’s New Years Resolution Time!

I LOVE New Years.  Not for the parties or the dresses….and certainly not for the drinks or the food…..I love New Years resolutions.  This year will mark 19 years of no alcohol, 12 years of no cigarettes, with a few exceptions, about 8 without the gum, 7 years of no sugar/no flour, coffee is out of the picture….and so much more.  They didn’t all go right at New Years…alcohol did and the other things on many occasions, but may not have stuck until later in the year…but so what?  I love to improve, I love to be free of addictions, I love to make lists of goals and check them at the end of the year and now it’s that time again : )  We have a group doing a 21 day cleanse that will begin on the 9th.  I’m going to start on the 1sth though since I’m the leader and want to be at my best for the other people….a good leader : )  This year I’m going to crank it up a notch.  I’m going totally raw for the 21 days, maybe for more, but definitely the 3 weeks, and I’m jazzed.  What I really enjoy about the New Years cleanse, or Daniel fast is the clarity I get, the surrender and  closeness to God.  I’m not sure why what I eat or don’t eat has such an impact on my emotions, mental state and spiritual state, but it really does.  Earlier today I realized that I don’t think that I could have stuck to the no sugar/no flour eating without a guide….that way of living was foreign to me and would have been temporary….just like raw food has been, I get to my goal, then go back to the way I was eating before, so does that mean that I need to stay raw?  I don’t know, but I’m going to ask for clarity during this cleanse.  I have gotten to a higher level of trust with God  and if I feel that He is guiding me to do it, then He will show me the way and I will.  It seems so radical….but so did living without sugar and flour.  I always feel so good when I do the cleanses, a heightened awareness, more energy, a calmness and security that is deeper than normal….so it does make me wonder.  For now, I’m committing to 3 weeks…and looking forward to it….of course I will let you know how it’s going : )  What are your goals for the year?  Are you as excited as I am?  Oh, I almost forgot!  Last year, I was so hooked on Pepsi Max that I didn’t let go of it for the cleanse/fast, but I put it on my list asking God to remove it from me…..Thank you God, I haven’t had any in several months : )

Happy 4th of July and “The Sunfood Diet Success System”

Happy 4th Everyone!  I think that this has been the most relaxing 4th of July I’ve ever had and I have with it a deep sense of peace.  Brett and Alexis are out having fun with their friends swimming and seeing people, we had a nice family BBQ yesterday, went up north for a half a day and today spent pretty much all of it, (just Eric and me), out on the deck.  The weather has been so beautiful!

I have had the book “The Sunfood Diet Success System” by David Wolfe for about 9 years or so.  I found out about it from a woman in my meditation group whom I was also working with at the time….I remember reading that I could eat as much as I wanted as long as it was raw and lose weight….I was all for that!  I tried it, I didn’t really read the book, just the part that said I could have as many avocados and mangos as I wanted….and I did….I didn’t lose weight.  The book has pretty much been on the shelf since.  As you know I have done the raw food diet since and have kept to 60-75% raw.  I actually never did go 100% raw because I was using kefir and yogurt for protein and they are pasteurized, (cooked), but I still had some amazing results in my few short months of following it.  Emotional baggage surfaced and left.  Weight just fell off, which meant that I got to eat more.  My energy was abundant.  My outlook was very positive.  I really enjoyed it…so why did I stop?  Convenience.  I didn’t want my life to be any more restrictive than it was with the no sugar no flour so I slowly started eating more and more cooked foods and more and more animal proteins….mostly eggs, yogurt and cheese…..sometimes chicken, fish or beef….but not much.

For the past few months the thought of doing it again will pop into my head with excitement….but then I think, no, it’s too much work and more restriction….and what I do is fine.   I’m healthier than I have ever been, my weight is stable, I look better than I ever have, I’m happy, etc…why fix what isn’t broken?  So I haven’t changed.  Last week I took “Esoteric Healing II”, it’s more energy work….that really helped make some things really come together for me in so many ways…but that’s not why I’m talking about it.  On the last day we did a meditation, and in this meditation where we connected with our Higher Selves and God, we also connected to a group of teachers….when you do energy work, you get spiritual help.  In my meditation and in my “group”, I only saw one face, David Wolfe’s.  I thought that was odd and really didn’t think much more about it.  The next day the image was strong in my thoughts so I asked God if He were directing me to David Wolfe and raw foods….I got the feeling to go and find this book and read it….I usually comb the internet for information like that, he has a lot of You Tube videos, a web site….a couple of them actually….my point is that reading this book was the furthest thing from my mind….I have seen it, didn’t really get it…..and it’s huge….about an inch and a half thick….but I found it and started reading it.  This time it has made perfect sense to me….a lot has changed over the past 9 years…..and this book is awesome!  It also tied into the spiritual healing and work that I do….it connected more dot’s…..and it gave me the desire to do it again….it gave real meaning to it, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I also really appreciated how he goes about it in the book….slow but sure rather than and over night complete change then binge because it’s too much… just makes sense on all levels, more now than ever.  I read the entire book this weekend….it’s actually a very good reading book.  Now my intent is to go through it again and actually do the exercises he has at the end of the chapters as well as go more raw again.  He says that if you do 95% raw, you get 95% results but if you do 100% raw, you get 1000% results….sounds like a great investment to me!  I’m not going to do it over night though, I have more to learn on how I’m going to do it….but I have a good idea, Cea HOW rules are still the top priority.

I just wanted to share that with you and invite you to do this with me….and like always, I will be letting you know how it’s going : )

Secrets of the Vine

It has been a few days since I stopped the all raw….and it only was a few days, that’s all it took.  I’m amazed, the gap has been closed, my questions answered and the road to follow is well lit….well enough for my next steps.    I woke up a few mornings ago with the book, “Secrets of the Vine” on my mind.  It’s a tiny little book by Bruce Wilkinson, the same author as “The Prayer of Jabez”.  I found it in the bookcase in the basement, sat down and looked at it for a little while.  The first chapter didn’t really seem to be clicking with me and I felt that I really should be doing something rather than reading a book, so I put it down and went to work.  I thought about it a few more times throughout the morning then after lunch decided to look at it a little better on the deck….it was a good excuse to go out and sit in the sun : )  After just a few minutes, I was in awe.  It was directly speaking to my confusion on an issue!  An issue that was keeping me in a state of bondage really….something that I felt that I had control over, or that I needed to do something about to make “right”.  The book shows how sometimes God is disciplining us, sometimes He’s pruning us and there comes a time where He just wants us to “hang” with Him….and like I said, it showed me where I was at….not only with the issue that I was not overcoming, but with where I’m at in life in general.  It gave me a sense of peace and security that I haven’t felt in a while….exactly what I had asked for upon doing this fast.

I meditate regularly, in a group, 2-3 times a week.  I watch Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, the Copelands, Joel Osteen and sometimes Charles Stanley and Greggory Dickkow…..daily.  I do Reiki when I feel the need to….sometimes hours in a day, sometimes I won’t for a week.  I have felt the need to give at least an hour a day to just “hang” with God, by reading the Bible and other books through the Hindu and Buddhism religions as well as Christian….I want to know God as well as I possibly can…..I want to know who He says He is….and the only way to do that is to spend time with Him….I would actually like to spend more than an hour a day with him…..but it feels self-indulgent… I deny myself….even the hour.  Just over the past couple of days of doing it though, God has shown me, again, how everything else is so much easier when I put Him first, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added on to you”.   He talks to me, I can hear Him, follow Him and reap the rewards.  Eric is a tremendous support….he sees the benefits and expresses them…..that we all receive when I do this.  This isn’t something new over the past few days….but it has been a “renewal”.  I really need to stop getting in my own way : )  Life is Good!!!!

4 weeks off Pepsi Max!!!

….and I feel good.  I think that the phenylalanine is what I needed.  I am still having caffeine in the form of iced tea and the zip fizz….but one thing at a time….it seems that when I just focus on releasing one thing at a time gently, it tends to stay released.

As usual when I give up a crutch, a defect or fear that I’ve been trying to hide from myself shows up….not consciously, but there….and I have received yet another gift.  It makes me wonder if God is ever going to get finished cleaning me up : )  This was a gift through Al-anon.  It was a way that I responded in fear trying to keep things under control just based on a tone of voice, fear of a situation, or the possibility of a situation.  It got played out recently, but it’s so irrelevant to my life now and was negatively impacting my relationship with someone very important to me….I’m so grateful that this was shown to me and released.

There have been quite a few times now where I have had to completely surrender to God….it’s always been after tremendous struggle from trying to do things on my own first.  Now there is just a quiet discontent, a slight disconnect….a longing for that closeness and enveloping security, freedom and joy that comes from this type of surrender…..and I want that feeling.  I’ve been praying for God to show me the avenue to get that closeness and security again….there’s nothing bad happening….I just feel the drift and want to close the gap.  It feels like raw food is the way to go, and I did it today, I’m going to do it again tomorrow, I’m not sure how long, but I will know when it’s up.  Something feels ready to happen….something really good….I want all blockages removed, anything and everything that stands in between God and me.  Oprah said on her last show that she just asked God to let her be of service and not cause any harm….and wow, look what He did through her!   I would love to be of service and not cause harm….I know that when I’m in God’s will, I’m full of joy….so that is where I want to be, always.

Happy Spring!!!

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I’ve blogged!  Since I’ve last talked to you, Brett was home for his spring break…Alexis’s is after next week….and Eric and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  We went to Orlando for a week by ourselves, it was actually our first honeymoon.  When we first got married, Eric had just started a new job and we didn’t take the time off….then life just went full force ahead from there : )  I really felt a lot of gratitude on our trip, and it’s so nice to know that we can still have a great time with just the two of us.  We’ve grown together so much and have raised some amazing kids if I do say so myself : )   We had 3 vacations in one, shopping and just doing life in the sun, 2 days of theme parks and 2 days of Joyce Meyer….she’s awesome.  The last conference that I went to of hers, Dave, her husband talked about our country, our declaration and how we are quite far from our rights as citizens…..and how we really need to make ourselves aware of what those rights are and take back our country while we still can….it was very motivational and inspirational.  As our kids need us less and less now….time wise anyway…..we can start putting more time into community issues.  Eric went to a township meeting and I’m planning on going to a state meeting tomorrow on school funding….of course, they want to make more cuts…..that’s the last resource we want to cut….the education of our children….they are our future!  That’s where we’re starting anyway….then we will hopefully be led to help make a difference where we can.  I don’t want to make this the main focus of my life….but it definitely deserves some of my time and effort.

Another thing that I found out about is a possible genetic condition in my family called “lipoprotein a”.  It’s in the families with cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine….the fats.  For me, all of those levels are low and well within the normal ranges…I can thank this lifestyle for that : )  The lipoprotein a though is not routinely checked unless requested.  With my aunt, they found that she had high levels of this after she had a quadruple bypass….I believe that she had high cholesterol, but I’m not sure….but it sounds like this may have been what caused her heart problem….and like I said, it’s genetic….so everyone is having it checked.  Mine was 49 and it shouldn’t go over 30.  I had a stress test that didn’t come back completely clear and the doctor suggested a “nuclear medicine stress test”.  There isn’t medication that they are aware of to lower this.  I looked on the internet and found Linus Pauling and his protocol for lipoprotein a.  I told my doctor that I would like to try his protocol and get retested, she agreed.  I did make an appointment for the nuclear test, but when I received the paper work, I decided that I would like to wait and see if this changed things first….it has risks and is quite invasive….I’ll do it if I have to….but I’m going to check with her about waiting until the new blood tests come back first.  The book is called, “Practicing Medicine Without a License?”, if you have high cholesterol or the lp(a), it may be of interest to you.  I also need to face the Pepsi Max issue for real now.  I know that fat in your body will encase dangerous acidic materials in the body to protect it.  This major kick of caffeine quickly passes the blood/brain barrier to give me that instant zippitty do da feeling I love so very much….logically, it would seem that that could be a contributing factor too….so as much as I have been avoiding releasing this magical substance….the time has come.  When I first found out about this, I went off of all caffeine cold turkey….that lasted less than 24 hours.  I have been drinking about 2 liters of it a day and a zip fizz after breakfast….I know….crazy.  Lately too, I have noticed that it has been effecting my moods….anxiety, tension, agitation….and not as much thrill and joy.  I’m programmed to believe that it’s all or nothing with everything….and that is totally appropriate for some things….but not everything… may be appropriate for caffeine….but cold turkey isn’t effective for me.  Today, I have allowed myself 1-24 oz bottle of Pepsi Max and 1 Zip fizz….I’ve had 1/2 of both and am saving the other 1/2’s for after lunch….and I’m fine…..but we are only on day 1 : )  I am also allowing myself all of the tea that I want, (I just keep adding water to the same tea bag), and water of course….I do notice that when ever I go off of the caffeine…or lower it….I’m so thirsty….caffeine is really dehydrating.

Talk to you soon!  Have a great day!


Major Excitement on the Daniel Fast!!!

I just got off the phone with a woman that was in our group and asked her how she had done.  Our group fast ended January 24 and I hadn’t seen or talked to her since.  She was having trouble with her thyroid at the start of the fast and was one of the things that she was asking God for help with….I do have her permission to tell you this : )  She had her blood work drawn and the doctor asked her what she was doing…her numbers were different…..and she had to lower her medication.  The doctor was excited when my friend told her what she was doing…she had read about what animal products could do to our hormones….and here was some proof!  She asked her to stay on this “diet” for 6 weeks and get her blood tested again…and my friend is doing that.  She has also lost 25lbs since January 1!  She did a 10 day Daniel fast before Thanksgiving to try it out and lost 10 lbs but gained it all back over the holidays.  She re-lost the 10lbs she gained during the 3 day juice fast….this isn’t someone I would have called fat at all….it’s surprising that she has lost so much!

If you are doing the 40 days with me….technically, we’re done as of Wednesday….but between this story and what I’m reading in “The China Study”….I think I want to keep doing it.  I may not be so rigid if I want to go out to eat and have to have some salmon or ranch dressing or something small once and a while….but this has me totally geeked and excited, I’m going to stick with it : )

The China Study

I just love what comes to me during a fast.  A few months ago I was given this book to read but because I was preparing for an open house with this person, I didn’t take the time to read it thoroughly, I was more focused on the event.  This has just been “in my face” somehow to the point that I had to go out and get it yesterday.  How fascinating!  It’s about a professor at Cornell University…specializing in bio-medical research….Brett looked into that….but he seems to be more excited about electricity : )   He was brought up on a farm and totally believed in dairy, meat, eggs, etc….they even found a way to make the animal feed higher in protein.  His goal was to make this even more refined, more protein rich…so they could eat more meat.  He studied with 3rd world countries that were deficient in protein….amongst other things….and high in liver cancer, the conclusion was that they needed more protein.  Through his research….and I’m only several chapters into it….he began seeing that the opposite was true…..protein….especially the protein in dairy products ignited the cancer and plant proteins shut it down.  In the normal world….when I’m not on a Daniel Fast…..I live on yogurt….if you know my story, you know that cancer ran an ugly rampant race through my family.  Alexis loves cream and milk….Brett loves milk on cereal…..Eric drinks a whey protein shake for lunch every day… does say that a small amount , (under 5% didn’t seem to be a problem), but some of what we are doing could lead to disaster.  I find it so interesting that this comes at this point.  As much as I love yogurt….and I do…..I don’t love it that much….I feel like this is a warning…..and sorry family….I’m going to shake things up again….I love you!!!!