Happy 4th of July and “The Sunfood Diet Success System”

Happy 4th Everyone!  I think that this has been the most relaxing 4th of July I’ve ever had and I have with it a deep sense of peace.  Brett and Alexis are out having fun with their friends swimming and seeing people, we had a nice family BBQ yesterday, went up north for a half a day and today spent pretty much all of it, (just Eric and me), out on the deck.  The weather has been so beautiful!

I have had the book “The Sunfood Diet Success System” by David Wolfe for about 9 years or so.  I found out about it from a woman in my meditation group whom I was also working with at the time….I remember reading that I could eat as much as I wanted as long as it was raw and lose weight….I was all for that!  I tried it, I didn’t really read the book, just the part that said I could have as many avocados and mangos as I wanted….and I did….I didn’t lose weight.  The book has pretty much been on the shelf since.  As you know I have done the raw food diet since and have kept to 60-75% raw.  I actually never did go 100% raw because I was using kefir and yogurt for protein and they are pasteurized, (cooked), but I still had some amazing results in my few short months of following it.  Emotional baggage surfaced and left.  Weight just fell off, which meant that I got to eat more.  My energy was abundant.  My outlook was very positive.  I really enjoyed it…so why did I stop?  Convenience.  I didn’t want my life to be any more restrictive than it was with the no sugar no flour so I slowly started eating more and more cooked foods and more and more animal proteins….mostly eggs, yogurt and cheese…..sometimes chicken, fish or beef….but not much.

For the past few months the thought of doing it again will pop into my head with excitement….but then I think, no, it’s too much work and more restriction….and what I do is fine.   I’m healthier than I have ever been, my weight is stable, I look better than I ever have, I’m happy, etc…why fix what isn’t broken?  So I haven’t changed.  Last week I took “Esoteric Healing II”, it’s more energy work….that really helped make some things really come together for me in so many ways…but that’s not why I’m talking about it.  On the last day we did a meditation, and in this meditation where we connected with our Higher Selves and God, we also connected to a group of teachers….when you do energy work, you get spiritual help.  In my meditation and in my “group”, I only saw one face, David Wolfe’s.  I thought that was odd and really didn’t think much more about it.  The next day the image was strong in my thoughts so I asked God if He were directing me to David Wolfe and raw foods….I got the feeling to go and find this book and read it….I usually comb the internet for information like that, he has a lot of You Tube videos, a web site….a couple of them actually….my point is that reading this book was the furthest thing from my mind….I have seen it, didn’t really get it…..and it’s huge….about an inch and a half thick….but I found it and started reading it.  This time it has made perfect sense to me….a lot has changed over the past 9 years…..and this book is awesome!  It also tied into the spiritual healing and work that I do….it connected more dot’s…..and it gave me the desire to do it again….it gave real meaning to it, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I also really appreciated how he goes about it in the book….slow but sure rather than and over night complete change then binge because it’s too much…..it just makes sense on all levels, more now than ever.  I read the entire book this weekend….it’s actually a very good reading book.  Now my intent is to go through it again and actually do the exercises he has at the end of the chapters as well as go more raw again.  He says that if you do 95% raw, you get 95% results but if you do 100% raw, you get 1000% results….sounds like a great investment to me!  I’m not going to do it over night though, I have more to learn on how I’m going to do it….but I have a good idea, Cea HOW rules are still the top priority.

I just wanted to share that with you and invite you to do this with me….and like always, I will be letting you know how it’s going : )

The China Study

I just love what comes to me during a fast.  A few months ago I was given this book to read but because I was preparing for an open house with this person, I didn’t take the time to read it thoroughly, I was more focused on the event.  This has just been “in my face” somehow to the point that I had to go out and get it yesterday.  How fascinating!  It’s about a professor at Cornell University…specializing in bio-medical research….Brett looked into that….but he seems to be more excited about electricity : )   He was brought up on a farm and totally believed in dairy, meat, eggs, etc….they even found a way to make the animal feed higher in protein.  His goal was to make this even more refined, more protein rich…so they could eat more meat.  He studied with 3rd world countries that were deficient in protein….amongst other things….and high in liver cancer, the conclusion was that they needed more protein.  Through his research….and I’m only several chapters into it….he began seeing that the opposite was true…..protein….especially the protein in dairy products ignited the cancer and plant proteins shut it down.  In the normal world….when I’m not on a Daniel Fast…..I live on yogurt….if you know my story, you know that cancer ran an ugly rampant race through my family.  Alexis loves cream and milk….Brett loves milk on cereal…..Eric drinks a whey protein shake for lunch every day…..it does say that a small amount , (under 5% didn’t seem to be a problem), but some of what we are doing could lead to disaster.  I find it so interesting that this comes at this point.  As much as I love yogurt….and I do…..I don’t love it that much….I feel like this is a warning…..and sorry family….I’m going to shake things up again….I love you!!!!

Count down to raw food week.

Raw food weekWe had the raw food after meditation today…I’m so happy with how well it went…every bit of food was gone and everyone seemed so happy…I love it when people are happy with me : )

If you are doing this with me you may want to get some beans, (lentils, garbanzo, soy, mung, etc) soaking…the sprouting takes a few days so we have to plan ahead. I plan on also using kefir and yogurt for protein…and some raw cheese…so I’ll have some ready on a whim protein…but if you are doing this vegan style…get those beans a soaking tonight : )

I’ll also write what I’m eating each day…or what I plan to eat for the following day…to give you some ideas…and let you know how it’s going…please write to me on how you’re doing too. This can also…probably will…release toxins from your body…especially the digestive system and can give you some flu like symptoms…but it’s a good thing….let those toxins go. Drink a lot of water…minimum of 1/2 your body weight in ounces….if you weigh 150…that’s 75 oz of water.

You can also use a green drink to help re-alkalize your body and help flush more of the toxins out, I use “Green Magma Plus“, you can get it at most health food stores, or order it from my website. It is also possible to release toxic emotions…have a good friend ready to talk to…and/or pad of paper and pen….let those toxins go as well…they need to get out. Last year we were also saying the Lord’s prayer and The Great Invocation 9 times each every day during this time…I never stopped….it’s a habit now. Be patient and kind with yourself, this is going to be a wonderful experience….talk to you tomorrow : )

Raw Food Anyone?

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been reading quite a bit on raw food…and eating a lot more of it too. The benefits are amazing, I’ve spent hours on the computer reading story after story on how the raw food life style has completely transformed the lives of so many people…including people with extreme health conditions like cancer…quite a few of these, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin and energy problems…lots and lots of conditions. This is where I learned about sprouting, the saladacco, juicing whole organic fruits and vegetables instead of what you buy in the can or jar. I have gone totally raw with the juice fast several times using kefir as the protein…also because it was a liquid….but I would like to go on a raw food fast…It’s going to require some preparation and thought…but not a whole lot. There is a special spring meditation coming up…I think that that would be a perfect time to do this….clean the mind, body and soul….it will start on May 16th and go to the 22nd…I’m excited!  At this point I don’t have a dehydrator….and I don’t know if I’ll get one…I will be sprouting legumes, grains and using raw keifer and cheese…they are raw and have the enzymes…some people go raw vegan…and I may try that another time…let’s see how this goes….of course, I will be giving you all of the details.