End of juice fast for the Daniel fast for me and Chalean Extreme results

Hi All,

This is the end of many’s day 1….like I said, I got excited and started on 1-1-11….I just wanted to write that : ) This is the end of my day 3. I feel good, I am looking forward to solid food tomorrow. This time I had a small grain at each meal, and did not give up caffeine so my suffering wasn’t so bad….and when it was….I just re-said my prayer list, read something inspirational like the Fasting book or the Bible, did some yoga, watched/listened to someone spiritual….Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, the Copelands….we have DVR and I have DVD’s. I also watched, “Super Charge Me” on Saturday, it’s about a woman who goes raw for 30 days, her experience and transformation…we don’t need to go all raw….unless you want to…..the vegan food will do wonders for you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually…..the movie is motivating though for things you can expect to experience. Another really good movie to watch is “Food Matters”….these are all good tools to keep you on track.

Eric started today, he’s doing okay….he did give up coffee….he has never done that before…..and has to keep saying his prayers ;-). I’m not drinking coffee….I gave that up about a year and a half ago and can’t drink it any more….I recently tried the Teechino too and that was too strong…..I can’t believe that I totally lost my tolerance for something that was such a huge part of my existence. What I am doing though is probably no better….I have become addicted to Pepsi Max and have written about that in here before….I’ve gone up to a couple of months without it and feel down, tired, unmotivated….it’s scary…..the Pepsi Max makes me all right with the world….I’m also having tea that is healthy. This addiction is on my list of prayers. I did pray about this a lot before going on the fast and that’s the conclusion that I came to….I hope it’s not self-indulgent….we shall see.

Chalene Extreme update: I measured myself this morning….there hasn’t been a change since the first month….but I didn’t need to lose weight and I really just wanted to tighten up my abs and arms along with have more energy and a better winter mood….mission accomplished. I didn’t like the “lean phase” and went back to the “burn phase”. I’m just going to start another round of it….they don’t take too long and I can change my aerobic and yoga tapes.

God’s Perfect Plan for You

When we first started this website a few years ago, it was pretty much to just swap recipes within the group that I…and very few other people where in….for an eating disorder connected to eating sugar and flour. It has grown to so many people using it for various reasons…we all have the common theme of eating no sugar and no flour but also to just live happier and healthier lives…that’s awesome!

The way that I found the “right” diet for me to do was to do a “Daniel Fast”. There is a blueprint in each of us that is unique to each of us that if we can get in line with….our lives will be the way they are supposed to be. After doing the Daniel fast I was led to the group that I am now in and have been in for nearly 6 years…it’s a strict way to live and not meant for everyone….but I believe that it is meant for me….I’m still amazed that I have been able to do it for so long….well, not me….God, my sponsor, my group, then myself. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go…they see the results that we get and want those…the day to day part of it is too much though. Maybe because it’s not the right path….exactly. The good health ideals are a pretty common theme throught the successful plans…it’s just finding the right vehicle for you….and sticking with it….when it’s the right one….you will have a strenght and power from within that will help you stay on track….you still have to do the work….but you will have the desire and stamina to do it.

By doing a Daniel Fast, you can get in touch with God in a way that you never have been able to before….and you can let him remove strongholds and guide you within your blueprint. People ask me questions about their health and which diet to go on….I am a nutrition consultant….and a recovering compulsive eater…but if you have gotten to a point of complete confusion and feel that you’ve tried everything and are still at a loss. I highly recommend doing that….and asking God…..what is the right way for you.

I love so much how this community has grown and the amazing people that I’ve been blessed to talk to….keep coming back! We can do this together! I love you guys/gals!

I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please for give me? Thank you. “Ho’oponopono”

I heard a talk about “Ho’oponopono” about a year ago. The story was about a psychologist who worked for a high security prison. He never actually met with the prisoners, but he went through each of their files and said, “I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me? Thank you” The prisoners went from being very aggressive, fighting each other and needing to be in shackles to peaceful and free within the environment. That is all I knew about the story at that time. I have been recently working on someone with Reiki who is experiencing emotional blocks that are very old and because they are blocks this person is not able to…or isn’t aware of how….to release these blocks. The message came to me….I thought for her….and it is for her…..to do this exercise. I thought that I would try it myself too….this was yesterday. I sat and just visualized different people to do this with, they were people that I have said something that I shouldn’t have, did something that I shouldn’t have, some things big but mostly things that were small…and most likely things that they never gave a second thought to….but the more I did it the lighter I felt. I then visualized people that I thought did me wrong…they were entirely to blame….and I had no part in it what-so-ever : ) ha ha ha….now that was a major lift….major….and I was floating around quite a while….I think I spent about an hour doing this with anyone and everyone that came to mind. Later that day I experienced a “let down”, I don’t know if my high got so high that I just crashed or what. Then I talked to this feeling with the same statements….and I was lifted again. Today has been so wonderful….and I continue to do it….sending it out to anyone who comes to mind, our country, our politicians, people I barely know….everyone.

I started looking on the internet for the story….I did that last night….but much more today and I’m just amazed with what I’m reading about it. It’s pretty much erasing negative patterns….actually letting God remove the patterns….we have to ask….He gives us free will. It’s about taking 100% responsibility for everything that we experience….even when it seems totally obvious that it’s the other person, the government, the schools, etc….how powerful is that? How freeing! How amazing! Just based on my experience over the past 24 hours with this and the feelings I am having and releasing….and I wasn’t even aware that they were there….but I have been aware of blocks, fears, inhibitions….I just didn’t know what to do….I thought I did….I’d pray, say affirmations, pump myself up….and that all does work….but when there is something stuck way down deep that we’re not aware of….and the subconscious feeling is more powerful than the conscious one…the subconscious one wins…this is another way of letting God go in and correct the pattern, remove the stink, fix the broken record. I am so full of gratitude right now. I did find you tube videos and a great interview that we will be getting on here as soon as possible….but in the mean time….you don’t have to know how this works….just say those statements, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and thank you” to who ever comes into your mind and experience the love, grace and peace that follows!

I love you lots and lots! And I’m sorry, will you please forgive me? and thank you : )

The Blessing and The Curse

I just had a big ah ha moment. I was watching Gloria Copeland this morning…I get something from so many religious teachers and backgrounds…I like her…she’s a sweet little Texas woman who’s power packed…very cute. Anyway she was talking about the Blessing and the Curse in Deutronomy…of course, given the choice we all want to walk in the Blessing. I have always seen that though as a “Do as I say or I’ll zap you” kind of thing…my religious upbringing was Catholic but through my Grandma and not a complete package…my mother was excommunicated for remarrying…and she had anger against God because her brother died at 28…that’s another story….but I grew up fearing God as a lot of us did…Jesus loves me but God’s gonna get me….I don’t think that any more.

Back to the Blessing and the curse…I see it more like a parent guiding their child….the parent wants their child to have the absolute best they can possibly have….and it’s the parents job to guide the child as they grow up…don’t eat sugar…it will make you fat and give you cavities….get to bed on time…you’ll function better tomorrow, but if you don’t, you’ll be tired and crabby…listen in school and do your homework…you’ll get good grades, learn and advance…if you don’t…you will cut yourself off from or slow down opportunities from coming to you….etc.

The blessing is…come this way…this is great….the curse is the result of our behavior…it’s not God zapping us at all…He’ll do everything He can to help us avoid the curse…but we have free will…just like our kids do…sometimes we need to help them correct their behavior so they don’t hurt themselves and others…but we need to do it by teaching and guiding…we can’t force them…who they become is ultimately up to them….God is just teaching us and guiding us…and warning…not threatening…us of what can happen with our choices…That feels so much better to me…so much better.

Do you believe prayer works?

This was my question for today…I wanted to share it with you….what are your thoughts?
Yes, I absolutely believe that it works…with all my heart. I’m also learning that there is not a no answer…if my prayers are not getting answered…or don’t “seem” to be getting answered….it’s because I’m not in alignment with my desire somehow on some level. When I’m clear, happy, focused and detached at the same time and can see it…it happens. When I’m uncertain, stressed, resentful…it usually doesn’t…even in despair…I think that I’ve been clear, certain and focused on the fact that I needed help and was willing and open to receive it. More and more I believe that God really did make us in His image and gave us the ability to do as He does….we are part of Him…we have what He has…He knows it better but wants to teach us to be like Him too…we are gods in the making…hearing that used to scare me…I thought it was blasphamy…but it says that in the Bible…and Jesus said that we would do all that He did and more….I still feel a little afraid saying that…like I’m going to be in big big trouble…so I guess I don’t fully believe it…or accept it…but I pray for guidance and know that I will receive it…and I know that God loves me completely and knows that I have absolute love and respect for Him and that I want to do His will for me…so I think that even if I’m wrong…He won’t zap me…He’ll just correct me….lovingly.