Obsessed about raw again

I have been obsessed about raw food living again.  I’ve been staying about 50% or more raw most of the time, but I want that free feeling that I had before, that magical connection….and the energy.  For the past few days I think that I’ve been closer to 80% raw and want to do at least that and maybe a little more….but I want to leave it open for going to restaurants and outings where I can stay mostly raw but still have a life with others….my food plan is so strict anyway….and I don’t mind a bit, it’s also as freeing as it is strict.  I called a place where they teach classes, there was a raw gourmet cooking class available over a long weekend, the problem is that a lot of those recipes are loaded in nuts or honey or dates or all and more….so that won’t work.  I’ve been pretty lucky though with coming up with or finding recipes that are really good.   There’s just something about eating that way that feels so loving and nurturing….probably because it really is more loving and nurturing….although my family wouldn’t agree….and I’m sure there would be a big protest if I started giving them raw everything : )  Brett’s home for a few days and was just totally against trying some vegetarian dishes….I swear he was born 40….all set in his ways….but he does come around some….he’s drinking organic milk at least and eats salads every day : )  Alexis and Eric are easier to get to try things.

As much as I love reading all of the stories and research from other people about raw food living….and I do….reading my own blog from spring of 08 was really inspiring….because I lived it, felt it and could relive it reading it….so I want to do that again.

Tomorrow I am going to eat:

4 oz sprouted lentils, 1 C soy milk, 1/2 C oat bran, (I have wheat berries ready for sprouting but that will take a few days), 8 oz blueberries, 1 T peanuts, (green drink, lemon-these will be 20 minutes before my meal-alone), stivia and cinnamon.  Vitamins and minerals

Salsa salad, 8 oz yogurt with 2 T sugar free syrup, stevia, raw cacao

Nearly raw chili with the yogurt again

I hope this goes at least as well as it did before if not better.  This time I don’t drink coffee but I have gotten in the habit of drinking Diet Pepsi Max in the afternoon….I would like to release that….but not this week I have too much going on and that would effect me badly…..well, just for the next couple of days really….I’ll think about that after tomorrow.

Happy New Year!

Wow, the holiday’s are here and gone, it seems like it all went so fast.  We just came home from Mexico and had an amazing time….it’s our first vacation in 4 years….I don’t want to wait that long to do it again.  I think that I would love to live in a tropical environment for the winter….I know I would.  My skin looked so healthy, (in fact my hands looked so good and without lotion until we flew back into Michigan….then they were all dry and shriveled looking), the produce was so so so good and I never get tired of sunshine…..yes…..I want to live in a tropical environment for the winter.  I also discovered a wonderful salad while I was there….I think that I’ll call it “Salsa Salad”…..it will be posted this week….good stuff!

Alexis got sick for the first 2 days there….but was good to go after that….and thank God the rest of us didn’t get it.  Alexis and I also got to swim with the dolphins….way way way cool, Brett and Alexis went para sailing, we all went to a couple of different parks where you could jump off of cliffs, scuba, raft through caves, drive Jeeps….the kids didn’t get to though because you had to be able to prove that you were 18 to drive it and Brett didn’t bring his license…..they did travel through zip lines though….I was up and hooked up but just couldn’t bring myself to do it….I’m a wimp : (   I was so grateful to not be fat at these parks….I wouldn’t have been able to do most of what we did….they were work outs….and I loved it….so maybe I’m not such a total wimp : )  The food at “Explore” was awesome and all healthy….probably the best selection of things I could eat the entire trip.  The parks were nothing like anything in the US….I don’t think that they have many lawyers there….you were at your own risk….and there were some very big ones.  Eric and I loved the town of Play Del Carmen….the kids weren’t big on that….but we went twice….love it!  Eric and I are also planning on taking Spanish when we can find a class….it was fun using what little we knew and learned….Alexis’s 2 years of Spanish came in handy quite a few times….I wonder if she can get extra credit for that : )  I also did yoga on the beach….what a great exceptional feeling that was….next time however I won’t do it directly on the sand in my bathing suit….I paid for that for a few days.

Last year Eric, the kids and I all put lists together of what we wanted for the year and I kept them in an envelope all year.  Everything that was important to each of us was received, accomplished or fulfilled by something similar or even closer to the actual essence of what we really wanted…..thanks God!  We did that again on New Years Day….in Mexico : )  At a meeting today we were asked the question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew that you would not fail?”  That is a great question!  It’s a question we should all ask ourselves on a regular basis…..then just do it. Several years ago my list included getting my weight under control….and I found cea how in February….I love New Years.

For several months I was getting the feeling and desire to go back into real estate….I’ve done it on and off along with mortages for most of my adult life and have always kept up on the market just because I’m interested in what’s going on.  This is something that I’ve been taking the next step with for a little over a month and I’m starting tomorrow with re-orientation to the board of realtors….and have a company that I’ll be working with….so far everything feels right….it feels like God is guiding me…..I’ve had this feeling with things in the past and it usually does turn out to be God working wonders in my life….I’m excited to see what He’s going to have me do with this….I have complete trust in Him.

What’s in store for you for 2010?  What would you like it to look like?  Visualization is a powerful tool….try it on purpose and see.

I’m 41 and 2 months

I took the Real Age test,  and it said that I’m 41 and 2 months…which is exactly what I am. Eric thinks the test won’t make you younger than you are because then you won’t buy their stuff to get younger…sounds good to me…I can’t be more than 26:). If you take it let me know how your ages came out please – it’s free.

Tonight we got in around 9:00, we went to a college orientation for Brett so I didn’t get dinner until almost 10:00…I don’t mind…I had a huge salad with the garbanzo beans I sprouted…yummm…and sweet potato fries…I never get sick of those either…the recipe is on line…they’re easy. I was emotional just at the thought of him graduating and going to college…so happy for him…he’s about to start becoming who he’s going to be…and I still want him to be my little boy all at the same time. I think that I’m going to be a blubbering idiot when the real stuff starts happening.

Alexis’s lacrosse practice got canceled due to the snow, she was bummed so I suggested that she do the workout I got her….she wasn’t that bummed. She had a power point presentation to do…I’m so impressed with what she can do on that computer….she definitely got her dad’s gift there….she’s working on a very cool secret project too that I can’t talk about yet…but I will tell you as soon as I can.