Coffee Detox

I love coffee, the way it smells, the way it tastes, the way it feels when you hold that warm cup in your hands….I even love the cafe’ decorations….it just feels like such a sophisticated cool thing to do.  There have been a few times that I’ve tried to give it up…or I’ve just stopped drinking it during a fast….but I quit doing that durning fasts too….I thought, “What am I trying to prove?  I don’t need to be perfect”.  I talk myself right back into drinking it….and I truly love it….I even grind my own.

At the end of last week when I would get my coffee….and I drink 1/2 pot in the morning and 1/2 pot in the afternoon along with extra’s if I go anywhere that’s serving it…..I especially liked Iced Americana from Bigby’s…..major caffeine going on there!  Anyway, when I would get my coffee, I would have a “thought” that would come in and suggest that I drink green tea instead, I listened a couple of times and replaced my coffee with the green tea….it’s loaded with anti oxidants and I like it….but I didn’t give up the coffee…..this went on 3 days in a row.  Monday I was reminded that God never has asked me to give something up without a good reason….and I usually benefit tremendously….I can not tell you enough though how much I did not want to give up my coffee….so I asked Him to give me the willingness to do it….then drank some green tea.

Today is Friday and the last coffee I had was on Sunday….I may have made some on Monday and had a little….I don’t remember….but I’ve only had 3-4 green teas a day since then….no coffee….and it’s been just fine….actually more than fine.  I’ve been a bit tired and achey….actually really achey….I sat in the sauna one of the days for about 40 minutes….that helped a lot…all the aches were gone….and I’ve allowed myself naps each day….and I sack out.  Over all though my energy has been good.

The detox from this has been interesting.  I know I’ve written about this wart/corn thing on the bottom of my foot before and it has left after doing raw food only and a cleanse….but I have not been able to get rid of it this summer….it’s gone….and it was giving me burning pain when I would walk too long…or barefoot.  Another thing that I’ve noticed is my ear.  For most of the past year I wake up and it aches…like I slept on it wrong…but it lasts longer than that….I haven’t had that problem this week either.  My hands feet and lips have puffed out nicely.  I have been drinking about 3 x’s the amount of water that I usually drink due to thirst…I think that I was majorly dehydrated.  I had a situation this week that would have given me the “fight or flight” reaction….and I just remained calm and steady.  My skin is so soft…I’m talking baby’s butt soft all over.  And like I said, I’ve had major aches and pains, especially in my hips and hamstrings, but exercise and the sauna seem to move them through….I’m thinking it’s major toxins releasing….and fast.

Well, I hope you have a wonderful and awesome day….I’m going to go get myself a cup 0′ tea darlin’ ;    ).