The China Study

I just love what comes to me during a fast.  A few months ago I was given this book to read but because I was preparing for an open house with this person, I didn’t take the time to read it thoroughly, I was more focused on the event.  This has just been “in my face” somehow to the point that I had to go out and get it yesterday.  How fascinating!  It’s about a professor at Cornell University…specializing in bio-medical research….Brett looked into that….but he seems to be more excited about electricity : )   He was brought up on a farm and totally believed in dairy, meat, eggs, etc….they even found a way to make the animal feed higher in protein.  His goal was to make this even more refined, more protein rich…so they could eat more meat.  He studied with 3rd world countries that were deficient in protein….amongst other things….and high in liver cancer, the conclusion was that they needed more protein.  Through his research….and I’m only several chapters into it….he began seeing that the opposite was true…..protein….especially the protein in dairy products ignited the cancer and plant proteins shut it down.  In the normal world….when I’m not on a Daniel Fast…..I live on yogurt….if you know my story, you know that cancer ran an ugly rampant race through my family.  Alexis loves cream and milk….Brett loves milk on cereal…..Eric drinks a whey protein shake for lunch every day… does say that a small amount , (under 5% didn’t seem to be a problem), but some of what we are doing could lead to disaster.  I find it so interesting that this comes at this point.  As much as I love yogurt….and I do…..I don’t love it that much….I feel like this is a warning…..and sorry family….I’m going to shake things up again….I love you!!!!

Day 9 of the Daniel Fast

I finally did find the post I wrote on Cinco De Mayo….but it’s close to the one I wrote the next day.  The juice fast was very cleansing….although I did get really hungry on the 3 rd day…for dinner I included 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with 1/8 of an avocado.  Physically I feel good, I’ve been having trouble with having energy crashes in the afternoon just after lunch….but I get up at 6 am after staying up until 11pm….when I sleep naturally….or wake up naturally….I seem to be like clockwork with 8 hours….during the week, it’s 7 so I do get behind anyway.  Yesterday though, I did get a bit run down but popped right back up and was fine.  I usually lay down for 15 or 20 minutes in the afternoon if I can….and thanks God….usually I can.  Emotionally and mentally I feel very even keeled, in the past I’ve gotten “ah ha” moments while doing this….nothing so far but that’s not so bad.  I am really drawn to raw foods again to the point of that is all I want to read about, watch, research….and of course experiment with new recipes : )  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go all raw due to the protein….but maybe…..I’m used to living on yogurt for my protein and have had none of that during this fast….I’m mostly eating hemp protein and soy milk smoothies, sprouted lentils, (they’re raw), soy nut butter and re-fried beans…fat free of course…..and OMG….have I got a recipe coming for you!!!!  Spiritually, this goes with the raw food living too….I feel more grounded but at the same time more elevated and connected with God.  I went to my meditation group on Wednesday and I haven’t been in a few weeks….it was like I heard God say, “Would you like a spiritual experience out of the fast or not?”  I said YES, YES, I definitely would!  The meditation was awesome, I had trouble staying in my body…and sense I was sitting in a chair and didn’t think that the lady next to me would appreciate me plopping onto her…I made sure that I stayed in my body : )  I do need to exercise more though…I’ve been doing a yoga/pilates combination on my own for about a month but I’m not really getting my heart rate up, the weather has been horrible….but now it’s looking good so I’m going to get out there and walk…power walk….in the beautiful sunshine!  But for now, I have a list of things to complete first….adios amigos!

Daniel Fast

I wrote yesterday and saved it….but I don’t know what happened to it : )  Anyway I kept getting the feeling that I needed to do this and two different people asked me about it…one is going to do it with me : )  I also kept talking myself out of it….I do love food you know…but I love the rewards of it.  The release of strong holds, toxins, I’m already super hydrated after just one day, the mental clarity and the closeness I feel to God….that is the number one reason.  Yesterday something came up that I needed to surrender and I got the message pretty clear as I was getting ready to do it and I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to go with it.  There is also a website that I found that has a great prayer and reading to follow….there is a lot of reading and I didn’t do it today….reading the book of Daniel though was very helpful.

Yesterday I was pretty mellow and didn’t feel like being around people…so I wasn’t….today I felt pretty normal again though.

This is what I had the past 2 days and what I will have tomorrow, (I’ve been drinking boat loads of Pepsi Max…no coffee….but lots of this…so it’s definitely something that I’m releasing)


lemon with water, green drink, (I give 10-15 minutes in between), 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C soy milk, 2 oil pills


Green drink, 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C freshly juiced carrot and celery juice, 1 tsp oil, 2 C soy milk

Dinner, 1/2 C Acai juice, 3 C freshly juiced carrot, celery, beet, tomato and onion juice, garlic and salt, 2 C soy milk

There’s a great discount on a set of raw food movies that I bought and really like, they’re 1/2 off and that’s why I didn’t post yesterday.  Check it out here.

May 3, 2009

Hey, I haven’t been on in a couple of days….I’ve been cleaning like a mad woman.  My whole body hurts….but it’s a good hurt.  I didn’t have a garage sale last year at all….this year I am more than making up for it.  Where does all this stuff come from?  My basement is clean….it’s so clean.  I vaccuumed the walls, the shelves, everything has been taken out wiped down and put back or put out…it’s a really good feeling.

There’s a women’s group that I’ve been going to for the past few months.  I got involved with it for a New Testament challenge and was going to be done after that, but the people are so great and it’s fun to be with a bunch of women who are just good nice people, trying to help each other live better lives with God of course, and fun, they’re awesome.  (I just realized that all of the groups that I go to are God based with good people….how lucky am I?)  Anyway, I wasn’t going to go because I have so much work still to do and I was really tired, but I laughed so much, and was totally relaxed and renewed by going….and funny, we were talking about taking time for ourselves to renew and rebuild….I was doing exactly that by going.

My exercise has been the major cleaning frenzy that I’m in….along with some yoga and stretching….but just on my own.

Food yesterday:

Green drink, 1/4 C oat bran, oil pill, pina colada smoothie, (Brett just learned how to make a smoothie today, now he has a list of the ones he’s going to make next….he bought a coconut….a real coconut to mix with his pineapple tomorrow….we have a vita mix so it will smooth down no problem, but he wouldn’t believe me on the mess that the coconut will make and all the work it will take to get it out of the shell….so he’ll learn that the hard way….he’s just so excited to have the real stuff.)

Butternut squash soup, Ezekiel bread and 1/4 avocado, 2 oz soy nut butter with 2 Tbs sugar free maple syrup, apple.

Raw spaghetti sauce, zucchini pasta, chcolate/peanut butter smoothie.

Have an awesome day!

Shopping Day

Eric likes to go shopping with me now…and I love it. We went to Horrocks to load up on the veggies…where else can you buy 4 bags of groceries for $30…it doesn’t have to be expensive to be healthy….and 4 other store with me…he’s such a good hubby!

I got one of my old workouts….Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Work Out…from the library today for my daughter…I want to see if she likes it before I buy it again…it’s from the 80’s…and they look the part : ) I did it a little while ago and forgot how good it makes you feel…I just feel like I did something really good for my body…I hope she likes it…I may buy it again for myself anyway….I do Yoga and The Firm…but this one has a such a nice feeling…if you’re new to working out I don’t think there’s a better one to do, she shows and tells you what and why you’re doing the whole time…you feel stretched and strengthened.

I took a day off spring cleaning and watched DVR episodes of “You are What You Eat” instead. Another British show…I think that I need to visit London….this one is a Dietitian who gets in peoples faces about what they’re eating…but they always get on the right track. They all seem like Simon Cowell on American Idol….the stars of this show and the clean house….they tell it like they see it with no bones about it…Kim, Aggie and Gillian end up being nice and caring though…some times Simon is too : )

I started some garbanzo beans soaking so I can sprout them over the next couple of days…they are my favorite spouts of all time…and so healthy. I had a 75% raw dinner too after getting the beans ready…it inspired me….I had a zucchini in the saladacco….it makes me feel like I’m eating an enormous plate of pasta…with 1/2 C spaghetti sauce and an ounce of Parmesan cheese…really satisfying and healthy…raw zucchini is great for your hair and bones and all of the vitamins and enzymes are in tact….I also had a huge dark green organic salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, onions, sugar snap peas…good healthy me today : ) For Easter tomorrow were going to a family dinner…with lots and lots of goodies and food…stuff I can’t eat…and I’m contributing to the food I can’t eat…when stuff like that comes up I make something on the indulgence end for myself…along with my vegetables…that I’ll make party style and corn chips…also party style…I’m mixing stevia into 1/2 C ricotta cheese and drizzling 2 T of Walden Farms blueberry syrup on it….it tastes like cheese cake with blueberries on it….and does the trick for me! Ok, now I’m off to make the Chicken salad and color Easter Eggs.