Vibe on You Tube

We aired a video on Vibe…a nutritional supplement that we take…last week, it’s something that has made a significant difference in our lives and we wanted to share it with you.  Click Here to View the Video.

I thought that life would get “back to normal” once school started…but what’s normal?  The kids are both doing very well in school…that’s priority #1.  I’m the one having trouble getting my barrings.  I wonder if I’m going through a mid life crisis or something….perhaps it is the empty nest syndrome….but my nest isn’t empty and I have so many things to be grateful for and to look forward to…and I’m really enjoying Alexis….it’s nice for her to get the up front and center role…she’s the oldest, (and the youngest) and she’s doing very well with it.  We talk to Brett every night and love hearing about the exciting things he’s doing…all summer he kept saying he’s bored…he said that once last week…but it’s so easy to find things to do in collage…and he loves a challenge.

Well that’s life this week…I hope that all is well with you.

2 months raw today!

What an exciting adventure this is! I have had a few cooked foods in the past 2 months…but only 3…and I don’t want to make this so hard that it dampens my life…only enhances it. What I’ve noticed is that I can eat a lot more food and my weight is down. Last time I weighed myself (last Thursday), I was 125, I have been staying around 130 and when I have reached 127 Eric would say I looked drawn…sickly….and now I look very healthy. I am also naturally very white and I’ve been out in the sun quite a bit lately and have tanned pretty nicely….I burned very slightly at first but it was over quick, and I’m still tan. I also had a (corn?), something hard and painful on the bottom of my foot for well over a year, I would dig at it, put lotion on it, ignore it, push it, etc and it wouldn’t go away…the other day, I scratched it a little and it fell off. I will admit though though that I had a colonic too…not really the kind of information I want to share but since this is for the benefit of health I will and that may also have had something to do with loosening up what was stuck. I read through Natalia Rose’s 3 Books on Raw food living and she is really for it….and reading it reminded me that I hadn’t done that in a very long time. And last but not least are the emotional releases, mental clarity, feeling of peace and security…things are coming up and lifting. I have no intension of stopping this now. I’m not doing it perfectly either, I’m still drinking coffee and Diet Pepsi Max and I eat yogurt and kefir for the protein…they are processed but have the live pro-biotics in them…I also have a scoop of Eniva’s whey protein powder in the morning in my smoothie, there is something in the whey protein that stimulates the body to make more glutathione which will rev up your anti oxidants…keeping you younger and healthier….it’s one of the new biggies in supplements…and my goal is to be as healthy and as clean as I can be…while still enjoying life…(coffee and diet Pepsi Max : ) Who knows what will happen later….I never thought that I’d be doing what I’ve been doing over the past few years…and the wonderful gifts that would come out of it…I never even thought that someone would eat all raw food…or how much what we eat effects every other area in our lives….I’m so obsessed with learning about it and living it…it’s been 2 really neat months of the as close as I can get right now lifestyle…and for now this is close enough…I’m going to continue in the same way that I have been until I’m led to do it another way.

American Idol and Amaranth

Last night Alexis won 4 tickets to see American Idol at the movie theater…Blake Lewis was there…the closest to a star she has ever been…what a thrill…and she got her picture taken with him…twice! What was really amazing though is how much the power of visualization came through over the past few days. First was that…the only way to get into this show was to win it…have you ever tried to get through to a radio station when everyone else in town is too? She got through…got so excited…then accidentally pressed the hang up and redial button…out of habit….She was so upset with herself she called the radio station later when the calling was done and told the man…he felt bad for her…told her to call back in 20 minutes and he’d give her the tickets…he did. During all these calls though she did come down and say how much she wanted to go….real bad…we asked “in harmony”….and she and her friend Emilee had the time of her life last night. Emilee’s mom was so excited about the tickets that Alexis said she could go…and took me too : ) While we were in line I asked Dawn…the other mom….if she was ready for graduation…we both have other kids graduating this year…anyway…we got on the subject of reserving tables and chairs to rent…I hadn’t thought of that yet…it was the furthest thing from the planning for me…I was going to wait until a week or two before the party…she said that she reserved hers in February and they were low then…wow, I was really freaked out! I thought, “oh no, Brett’s party is wrecked!” Also when we got to the theater we were told we could have been there 1 hour earlier…that people had been waiting in line all this time…we were there at the last minute…the line was really long….I felt bad….and worried that we wouldn’t get seats together…and they’d be bad….I kept visualizing us getting 4 seats all next to each other right in the center….I stayed calm and just kept visualizing…and guess what? You know! We got 4 seats all next to each other right in the center. While we were seated…I would remember to worry that I totally messed up Brett’s party because I didn’t think of this big detail…then a little voice in my head said….”If I can get you the seats you wanted in a crowded theater…don’t you think I can get you the stuff you need for the party?” That did calm me down a bit…and I would visualize getting everything that we needed. I stayed awake at night worrying….then visualizing….then worrying…then visualizing….when I finally went to sleep then woke up…I called the rental place….and they had what I wanted! I went down and paid the deposit…he did say I was just in time though…nothing anywhere would be available in a couple of weeks….and I got exactly what I wanted. I didn’t know that I wanted round tables until last night though…what a great idea…it was Dawn’s…the rectangle ones are so awkward…the round ones are much more social…and we’re playing Texas Hold ‘Em later…so that was a great idea! I never get tired of seeing that “what we think about, we bring about.”

Have you had Amaranth? I really want to try it. I’ve been looking for it…it’s a grain…I think I’ll need to get it at the health food store…it’s loaded in calcium and magnesium…more than milk….you know you need magnesium to digest calcium.,,right? And calcium will constipate you on it’s own…magnesium gets the stuff moving…and Vitamin D goes with these too…if you’re in Michigan or one of these cold states where we hibernate all winter…than you need extra. I’ve also been eating quinoa…a grain…yummy…it tastes kind of like rice…but sweeter and smaller….maybe like tapioca…it’s really good….with black beans…rinsed….they’re both supposed to be really good for your kidney’s…and clean kidney’s help produce beautiful shiny hair!

Shopping Day

Eric likes to go shopping with me now…and I love it. We went to Horrocks to load up on the veggies…where else can you buy 4 bags of groceries for $30…it doesn’t have to be expensive to be healthy….and 4 other store with me…he’s such a good hubby!

I got one of my old workouts….Kathy Smith’s Fat Burning Work Out…from the library today for my daughter…I want to see if she likes it before I buy it again…it’s from the 80’s…and they look the part : ) I did it a little while ago and forgot how good it makes you feel…I just feel like I did something really good for my body…I hope she likes it…I may buy it again for myself anyway….I do Yoga and The Firm…but this one has a such a nice feeling…if you’re new to working out I don’t think there’s a better one to do, she shows and tells you what and why you’re doing the whole time…you feel stretched and strengthened.

I took a day off spring cleaning and watched DVR episodes of “You are What You Eat” instead. Another British show…I think that I need to visit London….this one is a Dietitian who gets in peoples faces about what they’re eating…but they always get on the right track. They all seem like Simon Cowell on American Idol….the stars of this show and the clean house….they tell it like they see it with no bones about it…Kim, Aggie and Gillian end up being nice and caring though…some times Simon is too : )

I started some garbanzo beans soaking so I can sprout them over the next couple of days…they are my favorite spouts of all time…and so healthy. I had a 75% raw dinner too after getting the beans ready…it inspired me….I had a zucchini in the saladacco….it makes me feel like I’m eating an enormous plate of pasta…with 1/2 C spaghetti sauce and an ounce of Parmesan cheese…really satisfying and healthy…raw zucchini is great for your hair and bones and all of the vitamins and enzymes are in tact….I also had a huge dark green organic salad with spinach, grape tomatoes, onions, sugar snap peas…good healthy me today : ) For Easter tomorrow were going to a family dinner…with lots and lots of goodies and food…stuff I can’t eat…and I’m contributing to the food I can’t eat…when stuff like that comes up I make something on the indulgence end for myself…along with my vegetables…that I’ll make party style and corn chips…also party style…I’m mixing stevia into 1/2 C ricotta cheese and drizzling 2 T of Walden Farms blueberry syrup on it….it tastes like cheese cake with blueberries on it….and does the trick for me! Ok, now I’m off to make the Chicken salad and color Easter Eggs.

Aging is not hazardous to your health

Did you know that every cell in your body is constantly regenerating? You are continually becoming a new you each and every day. Aging is not hazardous to your health….not taking care of yourself is. A lot of people get to their late 30’s to early 50’s and start having degenerative health problems that are associated with middle age….they think that it’s inevitable due to how many times the sun has gone around the earth since they came into being…nonsense.  Click here to read further.