Happy New Year!!!

Here’s what I’m having today:

Breakfast:  Green Magma Plus.  1 scoop Sun Warrior Raw Protein Powder, (vanilla), 8 oz blueberries and banana, 1  T maca powder, 1 T stevia, 1 T c hia seeds blended in about 16 oz water….oh, and a scoop of Irish Moss.  (it’s a sea weed that you work with to make a gel….I tried it yesterday and it seemed to give me extra energy….I’ll see if I feel the same today).

Lunch:  2 C carrot and celery juice, 1/2 sweet potato juiced, 1 apple juiced, 1 lemon juiced….peel and all.  1 scoop Sun Warrior Raw Protein Powder, chocolate, 1 T chia seeds, 1 T Irish Moss.

Dinner:  3 C carrot, celery, beet and tomato juice, (I will heat it just to warm on the stove and add garlic, 1 t miso paste, 1/2 t raw honey, 1/2 T raw apple cider vinegar, sea salt, cayenne pepper), 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1 T chia, 1 T Irish Moss.

I’m starting with a 3 day juice fast, it re-boots the system and makes it easier to transition.  There are buckwheat groats, sunflower seeds and a spicy seed mixture  sprouting in my laundry room to be ready for Wednesday.  There is also a jar of quinoa “rejuvelac” fermenting on my counter.   See you tomorrow, have a great day!


Day 3 with raw food.

Tomorrow is Wesak, here’s what I’ll be eating:


  • 1/4 C raw oats (groats) soaked
  • 1 T raw walnuts
  • 8 oz strawberries, pineapple and banana
  • 1 C kefir
  • green drink, stevia, raw cacao


  • Beet, cucumber, zucchini, 3 carrots, (I plan to juice most of this)
  • 4 oz raw corn from a cob
  • 1 oz raw cheese, 1/2 C yogurt
  • 1 T raw walnuts, stevia, raw cacao
  • 1 oz Vibe…I have this every day…I just forget to write it.


  • 2 beets, parsnip, zucchini, jicama, 4 carrots ( I plan to juice all but the jicama and zucchini)
  • 2 oz raw cheese
  • 2 T raw almonds

Have a great day! I hope you’re feeling clean from the inside out! Honestly, I’m having a bit of trouble with it…it’s not sticking with me long enough…I’m adding the oats and corn for tomorrow…I think that will help…how are you doing?

Day 2 of Raw food week

Today was better than yesterday…the food I picked was much easier to prepare. One thing I did that wasn’t so wise though was go to the Art Festival when it was close to eating time with no food. I did get hungry while I was there and the smells of food were all around me. Toward the end it was really getting to me, I asked God to remove the desire for it, immediately I saw two women…both really puffy…what I would look like…and did look like eating that kind of food…one had a tube top on and was dropping something gooey into her mouth…I said thanks to God, went home and had my raw lunch, felt satisfied and good. I made a raw dressing, (if you use yogurt with the raw food…I do), that was very good…I’ll post the recipe…it was a bit like ranch….I’ll call it Raw Yogurt Ranch Dressing. For tomorrow I’m going to have:


  • 1/4 Cantaloupe, 4 oz strawberries and banana
  • 1 C kefir
  • 1 T nuts, stevia, raw cacao powder


  • 4 oz sprouted garbanzo beans, 1/2 C yogurt
  • 8 oz lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and broccoli slaw…the “sandwiches”
  • tomato, cucumber, carrot
  • 1 T raw walnuts, stevia, raw cacao


  • 16 oz salad
  • 4 oz garbanzo beans, 1/2 C yogurt
  • 4 T Raw Yogurt Dressing
  • jicama, 2 carrots
  • stevia, raw cacao

Now I’m going to go meditate and sweat it out in the sauna : ) Talk to you tomorrow!

Day 1 of the raw food week

The food was good, but I way over extended myself on making it…dinner took me 1 1/2 hours to make, eat and clean up…it doesn’t need to be that hard. I usually don’t mind making dinner that long, but I bought a bunch of plants and had to get them all into the ground/dirt…they’re in planters…so I was really hungry and having to do all that work wasn’t fun…but it wasn’t that bad. The lunch was really good…better than I thought…I made the hummus, that was easy, spread it on romaine lettuce with broccoli slaw and alfalfa sprouts and a little tomato…very good! I’ll have that again on Sunday.

I also did yoga today…I do it twice a week…but it just seemed to go with what I was doing even though I did it before eating….I plan to do it Monday too….I usually do the Firm on Monday…but that will be Wesak and I want to release any and all tension…and toxins. I have felt good today, no toxins surfacing and my energy was good. Here’s what I’ll be having tomorrow:


  • 1/4 Cantaloupe, 4 oz strawberries and banana
  • 1 C kefir
  • 1 t 3-6-9 oil
  • Green Magma Green drink


  • 2 oz raw cheese
  • 8 oz fresh juiced juice (I’ll juice it before I leave…we’re going to the Art Festival)
  • 2 carrots, jicama
  • 1 T nuts


  • 16 oz salad
  • 4 oz sprouted garbanzo beans, 1/2 C yogurt
  • 8 oz vegetable juice
  • 4 T raw dressing

Have a great day! Talk to you tomorrow.

Ready. Set. Lets go raw food.

I’m so excited…and a little nervous…I’ve done 3 day juice fasts…and 40 day vegan fasts…but this is my first 7 day raw food fast. I ran into someone today while shopping and she said that she did it before and felt so awesome…so elevated…sounds good to me! This is what I’m going to have tomorrow:

Breakfast: 1/2 Cantaloupe, 1 C kefir, 1 T raw almonds, stevia and raw cacao for the smoothie.

Lunch: 4 oz garbanzo beans…made into hummus…8 oz big romaine lettuce leaves, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli slaw…(I’m going to make roll ups), 8 oz jicama cut into strips…like fries, 1/2 C yogurt, 1 T raw walnuts and stevia.

Dinner: zucchini, 1 1/2 tomato, 1/4 onion, 1/4 green pepper, (raw spaghetti and sauce), 8 oz salad, 1 C fresh juiced vegetable juice (beet, carrot, ginger), 4 T Raw salad dressing, (recipe on Braggs bottle). I won’t be going hungry : ) Talk to you tomorrow!

Very good raw food dinner.

zucchini pasta recipeOK, I’m getting jazzed about the raw food week…it starts next Friday the 16th…one week from today. I offered to show some raw food to my meditation group friends on Wednesday to get ready for Wesak…so I’m bringing some sample food and wanted to try raw spaghetti sauce before serving it….

I’ve been eating the zucchini in the saladacco now for about a year, but I put prepared spaghetti sauce and Kraft parmesan cheese on it. Tonight I whipped up some raw spaghetti sauce…and didn’t use cheese….Eric even liked it…and he liked it on the zucchini “pasta”….that’s good because he’s even more picky than the kids….well, he’s actually been very adventurous lately…how fun.

I also made raw salad dressing….the recipe on the bottle of Bragg’s, a vinegarette…also good….I had a kefir smoothie for desert…and amaranth…I really wasn’t planning a raw meal so I didn’t change that…but I’m excited…I’m going to be able to do this for a week…no problem. I hope you’ll give it a try with me…I know from the juice fasts that I’ve done that it feels so good, clean and energizing.

I think for the raw food demo I’ll also bring some raw hummus with carrots and jicama…I just heard of jicama about 2 years ago…it’s very crispy and crunchy…it’s not really popular here…at least with people that I have talked to….but most people do like it when they try it. Oh, and lucky me, they had raw cheese on sale at The Better Health Store, so I’m ready with that too. So, that’ll be raw zucchini pasta with raw spaghetti sauce, salad with raw dressing, hummus with veggies to dip and maybe a keifer smoothie for desert…then I’ll have to bring the blender too…I’ll see how it goes…I’m going to need to be able to do this pretty quick.

Raw Food Anyone?

Over the past 6 months or so I’ve been reading quite a bit on raw food…and eating a lot more of it too. The benefits are amazing, I’ve spent hours on the computer reading story after story on how the raw food life style has completely transformed the lives of so many people…including people with extreme health conditions like cancer…quite a few of these, diabetes, high blood pressure, skin and energy problems…lots and lots of conditions. This is where I learned about sprouting, the saladacco, juicing whole organic fruits and vegetables instead of what you buy in the can or jar. I have gone totally raw with the juice fast several times using kefir as the protein…also because it was a liquid….but I would like to go on a raw food fast…It’s going to require some preparation and thought…but not a whole lot. There is a special spring meditation coming up…I think that that would be a perfect time to do this….clean the mind, body and soul….it will start on May 16th and go to the 22nd…I’m excited!  At this point I don’t have a dehydrator….and I don’t know if I’ll get one…I will be sprouting legumes, grains and using raw keifer and cheese…they are raw and have the enzymes…some people go raw vegan…and I may try that another time…let’s see how this goes….of course, I will be giving you all of the details.