I got to meet David Wolfe!!!!!!

David Wolfe came to Royal Oak Michigan this week…..what a treat!  I’m still buzzing.  I feel so renewed and inspired!  He really amazes me.  The event went from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with breaks….but he didn’t take any…..and his stories about the day started with him driving the wrong way down a one way street in Detroit at 6 a.m…..and he had already been here going strong for 2 days.  What really amazed me other than his energy was that even though he didn’t get a break….for about 8 hours, he treated everyone that came up to see him with such warmth and genuine interest.  They are having another session today….I’m really bummed to miss it….but excited to be going to see the American Idols tonight : )  It was such an amazing day, I got to sit right in the front row….about 20 feet away from him most of the day…..and this guys energy is so awesome!  This is going to sound corny….but you can just feel the love : )  You can also feel the vibrancy, the enthusiasm….the honesty.  I’ve read his books….and bought 2 more….watched  the Longevity Conference…..I don’t know how many hours that is…..read much of his information on the web, watched You Tube and of course saw exerts from him in raw food movies…..but to be there in the energy…..priceless.  This conference too was filled with healthy, beautiful vibrant people….what I would expect people to be like following this life style……and I don’t mean beautiful in the superficial sense…..although many of them were…..this is going to sound corny too….but the inner beauty really radiated from them.  It was intoxicating, inspiring and motivating.  I ate the most wonderful food….just simple raw food, but put together in such a way that it was a privilege  to eat it.  I am trying to recreate both of them today.  The first was a simple cole slaw but it was served on lettuce with tomato and onions….(I still needed to have “special” food even at this : )  Other people were eating sprouted veggie burgers, fluffy tonic drinks, cookies, dehydrated crackers, parfaits with granola and fruit….yummy looking stuff.  I also had a kale salad with wasabi dressing….I’m making a trip out to the health food store this morning for the wasabi…..I really need to figure this recipe out!

My friend Barb went with me yesterday and when I brought her home, her wonderful husband met us at the car with two huge bag full of fresh vegetables that he just got out of the garden….including cabbage and onion….so with my added organic carrots that I had….I’m expecting that my cole slaw that I just made to be amazing : )  Another discovery I had this week was chia seeds….you know, the stuff our kids put on those little ceramic animals to grow hair?  Well, apparently they are quite the power house when it comes to nutrition….they swell up and form a type of gel that has the consistency of tapioca, they also have no taste of their own but enhance what ever they are added to….so you can expect some chia stuff coming soon : )

Well, I’m going to read some of “Amazing Grace” by David Wolfe….and Nick Good before heading out to the store and back on a higher raw “liveit” : )  That’s what David Wolfe calls it….a liveit instead of a diet  (die-it : )  Have your most awesome day ever!

Happy 4th of July and “The Sunfood Diet Success System”

Happy 4th Everyone!  I think that this has been the most relaxing 4th of July I’ve ever had and I have with it a deep sense of peace.  Brett and Alexis are out having fun with their friends swimming and seeing people, we had a nice family BBQ yesterday, went up north for a half a day and today spent pretty much all of it, (just Eric and me), out on the deck.  The weather has been so beautiful!

I have had the book “The Sunfood Diet Success System” by David Wolfe for about 9 years or so.  I found out about it from a woman in my meditation group whom I was also working with at the time….I remember reading that I could eat as much as I wanted as long as it was raw and lose weight….I was all for that!  I tried it, I didn’t really read the book, just the part that said I could have as many avocados and mangos as I wanted….and I did….I didn’t lose weight.  The book has pretty much been on the shelf since.  As you know I have done the raw food diet since and have kept to 60-75% raw.  I actually never did go 100% raw because I was using kefir and yogurt for protein and they are pasteurized, (cooked), but I still had some amazing results in my few short months of following it.  Emotional baggage surfaced and left.  Weight just fell off, which meant that I got to eat more.  My energy was abundant.  My outlook was very positive.  I really enjoyed it…so why did I stop?  Convenience.  I didn’t want my life to be any more restrictive than it was with the no sugar no flour so I slowly started eating more and more cooked foods and more and more animal proteins….mostly eggs, yogurt and cheese…..sometimes chicken, fish or beef….but not much.

For the past few months the thought of doing it again will pop into my head with excitement….but then I think, no, it’s too much work and more restriction….and what I do is fine.   I’m healthier than I have ever been, my weight is stable, I look better than I ever have, I’m happy, etc…why fix what isn’t broken?  So I haven’t changed.  Last week I took “Esoteric Healing II”, it’s more energy work….that really helped make some things really come together for me in so many ways…but that’s not why I’m talking about it.  On the last day we did a meditation, and in this meditation where we connected with our Higher Selves and God, we also connected to a group of teachers….when you do energy work, you get spiritual help.  In my meditation and in my “group”, I only saw one face, David Wolfe’s.  I thought that was odd and really didn’t think much more about it.  The next day the image was strong in my thoughts so I asked God if He were directing me to David Wolfe and raw foods….I got the feeling to go and find this book and read it….I usually comb the internet for information like that, he has a lot of You Tube videos, a web site….a couple of them actually….my point is that reading this book was the furthest thing from my mind….I have seen it, didn’t really get it…..and it’s huge….about an inch and a half thick….but I found it and started reading it.  This time it has made perfect sense to me….a lot has changed over the past 9 years…..and this book is awesome!  It also tied into the spiritual healing and work that I do….it connected more dot’s…..and it gave me the desire to do it again….it gave real meaning to it, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I also really appreciated how he goes about it in the book….slow but sure rather than and over night complete change then binge because it’s too much…..it just makes sense on all levels, more now than ever.  I read the entire book this weekend….it’s actually a very good reading book.  Now my intent is to go through it again and actually do the exercises he has at the end of the chapters as well as go more raw again.  He says that if you do 95% raw, you get 95% results but if you do 100% raw, you get 1000% results….sounds like a great investment to me!  I’m not going to do it over night though, I have more to learn on how I’m going to do it….but I have a good idea, Cea HOW rules are still the top priority.

I just wanted to share that with you and invite you to do this with me….and like always, I will be letting you know how it’s going : )

Secrets of the Vine

It has been a few days since I stopped the all raw….and it only was a few days, that’s all it took.  I’m amazed, the gap has been closed, my questions answered and the road to follow is well lit….well enough for my next steps.    I woke up a few mornings ago with the book, “Secrets of the Vine” on my mind.  It’s a tiny little book by Bruce Wilkinson, the same author as “The Prayer of Jabez”.  I found it in the bookcase in the basement, sat down and looked at it for a little while.  The first chapter didn’t really seem to be clicking with me and I felt that I really should be doing something rather than reading a book, so I put it down and went to work.  I thought about it a few more times throughout the morning then after lunch decided to look at it a little better on the deck….it was a good excuse to go out and sit in the sun : )  After just a few minutes, I was in awe.  It was directly speaking to my confusion on an issue!  An issue that was keeping me in a state of bondage really….something that I felt that I had control over, or that I needed to do something about to make “right”.  The book shows how sometimes God is disciplining us, sometimes He’s pruning us and there comes a time where He just wants us to “hang” with Him….and like I said, it showed me where I was at….not only with the issue that I was not overcoming, but with where I’m at in life in general.  It gave me a sense of peace and security that I haven’t felt in a while….exactly what I had asked for upon doing this fast.

I meditate regularly, in a group, 2-3 times a week.  I watch Joyce Meyer, Creflo Dollar, the Copelands, Joel Osteen and sometimes Charles Stanley and Greggory Dickkow…..daily.  I do Reiki when I feel the need to….sometimes hours in a day, sometimes I won’t for a week.  I have felt the need to give at least an hour a day to just “hang” with God, by reading the Bible and other books through the Hindu and Buddhism religions as well as Christian….I want to know God as well as I possibly can…..I want to know who He says He is….and the only way to do that is to spend time with Him….I would actually like to spend more than an hour a day with him…..but it feels self-indulgent…..so I deny myself….even the hour.  Just over the past couple of days of doing it though, God has shown me, again, how everything else is so much easier when I put Him first, “seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all these things shall be added on to you”.   He talks to me, I can hear Him, follow Him and reap the rewards.  Eric is a tremendous support….he sees the benefits and expresses them…..that we all receive when I do this.  This isn’t something new over the past few days….but it has been a “renewal”.  I really need to stop getting in my own way : )  Life is Good!!!!

Is it August already?

Why does summer seem to go so much faster than winter?  I know that I’m going to be one of those people who keep following the warm weather….I am so not in to snow….not a good thing for someone who lives in Michigan….but it is a truly beautiful state.  Alexis and I went horseback riding yesterday…she loved it!  I had a horse at her age and I loved it too….there was nothing I’d rather be doing….I think that my body out grew that though : )

On the food, I’m still as much raw as I was before.  I have had some other proteins; cooked salmon, eggs, feta cheese, but it’s still mostly yogurt and kefir.  One thing that really got to me last week was a fear of eating the eggs.  I think that because of other addictions that I’ve had; cigarettes, alcohol, sugar and flour that it’s stuck in my head to not have that “first one”…which is very appropriate with those addictions….and a non-negotiable….one day at a time of course.  I really appreciate the benefits of the raw food life style and I like calling myself a part of it.  I had to admit to myself that I am the one who decided that yogurt and kefir would be “raw”…they’re not because they are pasturized….but they do have live pro-biotics and as long as I stick with the organic I won’t have the hormones or anti-biotics and other chemicals…so it is healthy…but not raw…and really it’s ok.  I thought that if I had something else at home…not in a restaurant…that I would be giving in….failing….not true.  I have read so many books, blogs and websites written by raw foodists who have their “non-negotiables” but also live life and don’t stick to it 100% all the time…but they do most of the time.  The key here is balance and to do the best I can at all times…and sometimes my body wants some cooked protein.  It’s funny that I let my ego take over on this, it’s a surrender…my food…to God….and yet I let my ego dictate to me on not eating eggs out of fear of losing my “status”….(a status that was only in my head anyway)…when feeding my body what it needs for optimal health is my goal.  What a trouble maker the ego can be!  Pray, ask God for direction….then follow….it’s that easy.

2 months raw today!

What an exciting adventure this is! I have had a few cooked foods in the past 2 months…but only 3…and I don’t want to make this so hard that it dampens my life…only enhances it. What I’ve noticed is that I can eat a lot more food and my weight is down. Last time I weighed myself (last Thursday), I was 125, I have been staying around 130 and when I have reached 127 Eric would say I looked drawn…sickly….and now I look very healthy. I am also naturally very white and I’ve been out in the sun quite a bit lately and have tanned pretty nicely….I burned very slightly at first but it was over quick, and I’m still tan. I also had a (corn?), something hard and painful on the bottom of my foot for well over a year, I would dig at it, put lotion on it, ignore it, push it, etc and it wouldn’t go away…the other day, I scratched it a little and it fell off. I will admit though though that I had a colonic too…not really the kind of information I want to share but since this is for the benefit of health I will and that may also have had something to do with loosening up what was stuck. I read through Natalia Rose’s 3 Books on Raw food living and she is really for it….and reading it reminded me that I hadn’t done that in a very long time. And last but not least are the emotional releases, mental clarity, feeling of peace and security…things are coming up and lifting. I have no intension of stopping this now. I’m not doing it perfectly either, I’m still drinking coffee and Diet Pepsi Max and I eat yogurt and kefir for the protein…they are processed but have the live pro-biotics in them…I also have a scoop of Eniva’s whey protein powder in the morning in my smoothie, there is something in the whey protein that stimulates the body to make more glutathione which will rev up your anti oxidants…keeping you younger and healthier….it’s one of the new biggies in supplements…and my goal is to be as healthy and as clean as I can be…while still enjoying life…(coffee and diet Pepsi Max : ) Who knows what will happen later….I never thought that I’d be doing what I’ve been doing over the past few years…and the wonderful gifts that would come out of it…I never even thought that someone would eat all raw food…or how much what we eat effects every other area in our lives….I’m so obsessed with learning about it and living it…it’s been 2 really neat months of the as close as I can get right now lifestyle…and for now this is close enough…I’m going to continue in the same way that I have been until I’m led to do it another way.