Ready. Set. Lets go raw food.

I’m so excited…and a little nervous…I’ve done 3 day juice fasts…and 40 day vegan fasts…but this is my first 7 day raw food fast. I ran into someone today while shopping and she said that she did it before and felt so awesome…so elevated…sounds good to me! This is what I’m going to have tomorrow:

Breakfast: 1/2 Cantaloupe, 1 C kefir, 1 T raw almonds, stevia and raw cacao for the smoothie.

Lunch: 4 oz garbanzo beans…made into hummus…8 oz big romaine lettuce leaves, alfalfa sprouts, broccoli slaw…(I’m going to make roll ups), 8 oz jicama cut into strips…like fries, 1/2 C yogurt, 1 T raw walnuts and stevia.

Dinner: zucchini, 1 1/2 tomato, 1/4 onion, 1/4 green pepper, (raw spaghetti and sauce), 8 oz salad, 1 C fresh juiced vegetable juice (beet, carrot, ginger), 4 T Raw salad dressing, (recipe on Braggs bottle). I won’t be going hungry : ) Talk to you tomorrow!

Why no sugar no flour?

Why No Sugar, No FlourMy Blog and website ( are based on a no sugar no flour lifestyle…and you may not know why…so I wanted to explain it a little bit. They are both detrimental to our health and well being and you don’t have to have an extreme compulsion with it for it to cause problems for you. I just added an article about “Why no sugar, no flour” (click here to read). Have you watched “Super Size Me” yet? The man in the film was really brave to eat the way he did for the 30 days and document everything…in that short time he did so much damage to his body and emotions you never would have guessed that he had been living a vegan lifestyle just a few weeks before.

Long term though sugar and flour can break down the immune system, speed up aging, cause diabetes, cancer and other serious problems…On the other hand…changing that lifestyle into the healthier choices that we’re doing here can heal those problems as well. Have I told you lately how glad I am that you’re walking this path with me?

I’m 41 and 2 months

I took the Real Age test,  and it said that I’m 41 and 2 months…which is exactly what I am. Eric thinks the test won’t make you younger than you are because then you won’t buy their stuff to get younger…sounds good to me…I can’t be more than 26:). If you take it let me know how your ages came out please – it’s free.

Tonight we got in around 9:00, we went to a college orientation for Brett so I didn’t get dinner until almost 10:00…I don’t mind…I had a huge salad with the garbanzo beans I sprouted…yummm…and sweet potato fries…I never get sick of those either…the recipe is on line…they’re easy. I was emotional just at the thought of him graduating and going to college…so happy for him…he’s about to start becoming who he’s going to be…and I still want him to be my little boy all at the same time. I think that I’m going to be a blubbering idiot when the real stuff starts happening.

Alexis’s lacrosse practice got canceled due to the snow, she was bummed so I suggested that she do the workout I got her….she wasn’t that bummed. She had a power point presentation to do…I’m so impressed with what she can do on that computer….she definitely got her dad’s gift there….she’s working on a very cool secret project too that I can’t talk about yet…but I will tell you as soon as I can.