Surprising News

My sponsor called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me some shocking news….after 11 years in the 12 step group we were in for our eating disorder she needed to leave for her health.  The structure was too confining for how she now needed to  take care of herself…’s perfectly understandable.   At that moment, I had a decision to make….get another sponsor or try it on my own.  It didn’t take much thought.  I have been very into the raw food lifestyle for several years now and that with my food plan worked somewhat well together but it was still pretty rigid and restrictive….which is what I needed 7 years ago and for the years following….I had gotten so far off….well….never truly on….a healthy living plan.  The first couple of days were odd…exciting but scary.  I ate my fruit between meals….it’s better to eat fruit alone on an empty stomach anyway….I ate 1/2 of an avocado on my salad…..I ate vegan chili without measuring every ingredient….I ate some raw oatmeal cookies…..I’ve been living like a normal….no, not normal….but healthy person.  Sugar and flour are no doubt not things I want to go back to…or other harmful substances like pork or aspartame….I’m doing a cleanse right now so everything is vegan…..and I feel amazing!  My energy level is great, my mood….there are no going to the bathroom problems….everything is working better than it ever has….I feel so free!  What is really interesting to me is that I found this program after going on  a Daniel Fast…which is what the cleanse is too….and I’m exiting it on one as well….it’s like God is leading me out.  I really needed the intense structure to get on the right track….and I will definitely go back if I need to….but life is changing, Brett is moving to California, Alexis is going to school 9 1/2 hours from here….Eric  and I are going to travel and we are on the next phase of our lives….I don’t want to be strapped to the food plan….but I do want to stay abstinent, healthy and at my ideal weight… far so good….I’m putting it….just like everything else….in God’s hands….and it always works out better than I imagined and in just the right way, form and timing.

12 thoughts on “Surprising News

  1. I too did FA for a number of years and decided about 5 years ago to leave the meetings. I am happy to say I am still abstinent and have made more adjustments to my eating instead of less. With diet alone I have been able to put my Rheumatoid Arthritis into remission. I so appreciate your story and your postings.

      • I don’t mind sharing at all. What I do is not easy but it has left me totally symptom free and am going to be cutting back meds right away. I eat what they call the pale diet or caveman diet. Basically it is no flour, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy. It is a hunter/gatherer diet, so basically meat, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. There are lots of sites if you google paleo diet. I know this is not easy but instead of living to eat I eat to live. I have gone from barely being able to walk to no symptoms at all even in severe weather change and I endure a lot of it as I am from Alberta. If your friend has any questions please tell her I would love to be of service. 🙂

  2. Are you still doing good ~ I was 3 years HOW ~ I had a control issue in my life take over ~ I gained back the 60lbs I had lost ~ In one month ~ I lost my emotional abstinence ~ seeing your blogs triggered me ~ Thank you so much for being HONEST OPEN and WILLING. Thank you God ~ I hope you continue to flourish seeing you gives me inner strength ~ Keep up the good work.

    • How sweet of you to ask : ) I am playing with things so and my weight has fluctuated a little, but just a few pounds, (it did however totally freak me out : )…sugar and flour are still not an option…I want to be healthy, I have been enjoying lots of fruit. I want to keep up with the recovery part of this but have some flexibility, so I’m looking into that. I have other support systems, other wise, I can see how the emotions could take back over….and I do need a support system with the food too. Thank you for asking. Did this just happen with you or was it a while ago? Thank you too for putting yourself out there….are you going back or trying something new? I said a prayer for you.

      • I have to say that I LOOOVEED this post. I was almost laughing b/c I could have written this post. Funny thing is that I am just leaving ceahow and almost tried Weight Watchers for that same reason.

        I have used your site for over a year and a half and in my ceahow program. I lost 74 lbs and have found peace with food. However my last visit to my doctor I found that my cholesterol and blood pressure were high. I have never had either of those be high (Other than toxemia during my pregnancies). I knew I had to eat WAY less meat and quit eating so much of the dressing and quit drinking sodas and artificial sodas.. however with such restrictions I would get REALLY hungry. I am training for another half marathon and I just needed more freedom. A few weeks ago I decided to take the plunge and try it on my own. I still do 12 step, and have a sponsor and call people occasionally from the group.
        I am trying to eat more raw (really hard b/c I REALLY don’t like veggies and always had a hard time with the amount my program required). I am trying to ask my higher-power for direction to help me not go overboard in the other direction of obsession with healthy.

        Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for you honestly and courage.

      • Thank you too Kiki….please keep in contact and let me know how you are doing. Have you tried juicing or green drinks? Those are both very easy, very healthy ways to get in your greens/veggies…and without all of the bulk. I like Green Magma Plus and Ormus Greens by Sun Warrior. I juice celery, carrots and beets…those will help with the cholesterol and high blood pressure….and there isn’t any salt in any of these things.

      • I have been using my blendtec to make smoothies with veggies in it.. not super yummy but I feel super great about getting all of the goodness down with no fat. I have a blendtec and that blends it pretty nicely. Thanks so much for the helpful information on celery, carrots and beets (eewww to the beats). I will try it. I really want my body to be healthy and energetic. Sick and tired of being tired. (I haven’t been as sick as I used to before starting ceahow but I don’t have the energy I am looking for. I know it is out there, I just need to find the right balance.
        Thanks again for your blog and the time you put into it!

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