I got to meet David Wolfe!!!!!!

David Wolfe came to Royal Oak Michigan this week…..what a treat!  I’m still buzzing.  I feel so renewed and inspired!  He really amazes me.  The event went from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. with breaks….but he didn’t take any…..and his stories about the day started with him driving the wrong way down a one way street in Detroit at 6 a.m…..and he had already been here going strong for 2 days.  What really amazed me other than his energy was that even though he didn’t get a break….for about 8 hours, he treated everyone that came up to see him with such warmth and genuine interest.  They are having another session today….I’m really bummed to miss it….but excited to be going to see the American Idols tonight : )  It was such an amazing day, I got to sit right in the front row….about 20 feet away from him most of the day…..and this guys energy is so awesome!  This is going to sound corny….but you can just feel the love : )  You can also feel the vibrancy, the enthusiasm….the honesty.  I’ve read his books….and bought 2 more….watched  the Longevity Conference…..I don’t know how many hours that is…..read much of his information on the web, watched You Tube and of course saw exerts from him in raw food movies…..but to be there in the energy…..priceless.  This conference too was filled with healthy, beautiful vibrant people….what I would expect people to be like following this life style……and I don’t mean beautiful in the superficial sense…..although many of them were…..this is going to sound corny too….but the inner beauty really radiated from them.  It was intoxicating, inspiring and motivating.  I ate the most wonderful food….just simple raw food, but put together in such a way that it was a privilege  to eat it.  I am trying to recreate both of them today.  The first was a simple cole slaw but it was served on lettuce with tomato and onions….(I still needed to have “special” food even at this : )  Other people were eating sprouted veggie burgers, fluffy tonic drinks, cookies, dehydrated crackers, parfaits with granola and fruit….yummy looking stuff.  I also had a kale salad with wasabi dressing….I’m making a trip out to the health food store this morning for the wasabi…..I really need to figure this recipe out!

My friend Barb went with me yesterday and when I brought her home, her wonderful husband met us at the car with two huge bag full of fresh vegetables that he just got out of the garden….including cabbage and onion….so with my added organic carrots that I had….I’m expecting that my cole slaw that I just made to be amazing : )  Another discovery I had this week was chia seeds….you know, the stuff our kids put on those little ceramic animals to grow hair?  Well, apparently they are quite the power house when it comes to nutrition….they swell up and form a type of gel that has the consistency of tapioca, they also have no taste of their own but enhance what ever they are added to….so you can expect some chia stuff coming soon : )

Well, I’m going to read some of “Amazing Grace” by David Wolfe….and Nick Good before heading out to the store and back on a higher raw “liveit” : )  That’s what David Wolfe calls it….a liveit instead of a diet  (die-it : )  Have your most awesome day ever!