Addicted to Food

There’s a new show on Oprah’s Network, (OWN), called “Addicted to Food”.  I recorded them earlier and watched three episodes in a row….the shows aren’t so long with DVR : )  If you have any eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia,(and there are several kinds of this), compulsive eating…or just think that you may….this is a good series to watch!  It centers around 8 people at a treatment center for eating disorders and follows them and what they go through for 6 weeks.  They follow the 12 steps, have to eat what is given to them…no more…no less….they are cut off from the outside world and have to face their “stuff”….it’s like a meeting on t.v. : )  The next time that it will be on is Tuesday….I don’t know if there’s another chance to see the episodes that were on today…but even if you can’t, they’ll catch you up with the previews.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter!!!!

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