Happy Spring!!!

Wow, I can’t believe that it has been over a month since I’ve blogged!  Since I’ve last talked to you, Brett was home for his spring break…Alexis’s is after next week….and Eric and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary.  We went to Orlando for a week by ourselves, it was actually our first honeymoon.  When we first got married, Eric had just started a new job and we didn’t take the time off….then life just went full force ahead from there : )  I really felt a lot of gratitude on our trip, and it’s so nice to know that we can still have a great time with just the two of us.  We’ve grown together so much and have raised some amazing kids if I do say so myself : )   We had 3 vacations in one, shopping and just doing life in the sun, 2 days of theme parks and 2 days of Joyce Meyer….she’s awesome.  The last conference that I went to of hers, Dave, her husband talked about our country, our declaration and how we are quite far from our rights as citizens…..and how we really need to make ourselves aware of what those rights are and take back our country while we still can….it was very motivational and inspirational.  As our kids need us less and less now….time wise anyway…..we can start putting more time into community issues.  Eric went to a township meeting and I’m planning on going to a state meeting tomorrow on school funding….of course, they want to make more cuts…..that’s the last resource we want to cut….the education of our children….they are our future!  That’s where we’re starting anyway….then we will hopefully be led to help make a difference where we can.  I don’t want to make this the main focus of my life….but it definitely deserves some of my time and effort.

Another thing that I found out about is a possible genetic condition in my family called “lipoprotein a”.  It’s in the families with cholesterol, triglycerides, homocysteine….the fats.  For me, all of those levels are low and well within the normal ranges…I can thank this lifestyle for that : )  The lipoprotein a though is not routinely checked unless requested.  With my aunt, they found that she had high levels of this after she had a quadruple bypass….I believe that she had high cholesterol, but I’m not sure….but it sounds like this may have been what caused her heart problem….and like I said, it’s genetic….so everyone is having it checked.  Mine was 49 and it shouldn’t go over 30.  I had a stress test that didn’t come back completely clear and the doctor suggested a “nuclear medicine stress test”.  There isn’t medication that they are aware of to lower this.  I looked on the internet and found Linus Pauling and his protocol for lipoprotein a.  I told my doctor that I would like to try his protocol and get retested, she agreed.  I did make an appointment for the nuclear test, but when I received the paper work, I decided that I would like to wait and see if this changed things first….it has risks and is quite invasive….I’ll do it if I have to….but I’m going to check with her about waiting until the new blood tests come back first.  The book is called, “Practicing Medicine Without a License?”, if you have high cholesterol or the lp(a), it may be of interest to you.  I also need to face the Pepsi Max issue for real now.  I know that fat in your body will encase dangerous acidic materials in the body to protect it.  This major kick of caffeine quickly passes the blood/brain barrier to give me that instant zippitty do da feeling I love so very much….logically, it would seem that that could be a contributing factor too….so as much as I have been avoiding releasing this magical substance….the time has come.  When I first found out about this, I went off of all caffeine cold turkey….that lasted less than 24 hours.  I have been drinking about 2 liters of it a day and a zip fizz after breakfast….I know….crazy.  Lately too, I have noticed that it has been effecting my moods….anxiety, tension, agitation….and not as much thrill and joy.  I’m programmed to believe that it’s all or nothing with everything….and that is totally appropriate for some things….but not everything…..it may be appropriate for caffeine….but cold turkey isn’t effective for me.  Today, I have allowed myself 1-24 oz bottle of Pepsi Max and 1 Zip fizz….I’ve had 1/2 of both and am saving the other 1/2’s for after lunch….and I’m fine…..but we are only on day 1 : )  I am also allowing myself all of the tea that I want, (I just keep adding water to the same tea bag), and water of course….I do notice that when ever I go off of the caffeine…or lower it….I’m so thirsty….caffeine is really dehydrating.

Talk to you soon!  Have a great day!