Major Excitement on the Daniel Fast!!!

I just got off the phone with a woman that was in our group and asked her how she had done.  Our group fast ended January 24 and I hadn’t seen or talked to her since.  She was having trouble with her thyroid at the start of the fast and was one of the things that she was asking God for help with….I do have her permission to tell you this : )  She had her blood work drawn and the doctor asked her what she was doing…her numbers were different…..and she had to lower her medication.  The doctor was excited when my friend told her what she was doing…she had read about what animal products could do to our hormones….and here was some proof!  She asked her to stay on this “diet” for 6 weeks and get her blood tested again…and my friend is doing that.  She has also lost 25lbs since January 1!  She did a 10 day Daniel fast before Thanksgiving to try it out and lost 10 lbs but gained it all back over the holidays.  She re-lost the 10lbs she gained during the 3 day juice fast….this isn’t someone I would have called fat at all….it’s surprising that she has lost so much!

If you are doing the 40 days with me….technically, we’re done as of Wednesday….but between this story and what I’m reading in “The China Study”….I think I want to keep doing it.  I may not be so rigid if I want to go out to eat and have to have some salmon or ranch dressing or something small once and a while….but this has me totally geeked and excited, I’m going to stick with it : )