You did it!!!!

For many of you, yesterday marked your 21st day.  Remember, this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning.  You gave God the beginning of your year, now see what He will do with the rest.  From my experience….and of course I had to learn this the hard way : )….it’s best to start with the lighter animal products first like eggs and yogurt, then fish and chicken, then beef….and not too many different ones in the first few days.  If you really want a heavier protein, it will digest better if you don’t eat a grain with it.

This has been a very exciting and satisfying experience for me because Eric did it with me….I’m looking forward to seeing what God does through us as a couple…..I’m looking forward to it very much.  He has had personal revelation, no caffeine….and it has been a good thing, and his abs are firm and rock hard again….He’s never been fat, but he was getting a little soft there…not any more!

As I said earlier, I want to do it for 40 days this time and you are so welcome to join me…..If you are at the end…..that’s great!  Thank you for walking this path with me.  I would/will love to hear how it has impacted you.

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