One more thing…

This morning while I was watching Joyce Meyer….I watch her, Creflo Dollar and KCM every morning….I was feeling pressure in my chest to the point of getting worried.  I was planning on washing floors today after doing yoga.  I did Reiki on myself, said a prayer….it didn’t go away.  I thought that maybe I shouldn’t do what I was planning….but I still went up to do some really slow and gentle yoga.  Within about 5 minutes all of the pressure was gone and energy was flowing smoothly and freely throughout my body….I did the entire hour and feel like a million bucks.  The past 2 1/2 days have been such a relief….literally….and today is my 21st day!  After reading about what 40 days can do fasting wise, I’m going to continue for that amount.  The gratitude, hope and longing to get closer and go further is so huge in me right now….I haven’t felt this good in a long time….now off to do the glamorous job of washing the floors : )

I have washed the floors now….and it does feel good….maybe even a little glamorous….I have some pretty pink rubber gloves with hearts all over them : )  I listened to Tony Robbins while I was doing it….I forgot how motivating he is!  He is definitely one of my hero’s.  I have had this set of tapes for probably over 15 years….and yes, they are tapes, I had to go and find a player to listen to them….maybe I’ve had them longer, he says that he’s 29 on this recording…..I think that he’s several years older than me….and I just turned 44.  I have the 30 day “Personal Power” and the “Get the Edge” series….they have both been so valuable over the years….Tony is on my list of people that I have to meet in my life time!  Well, I have some more work to do before I go and get my massage….now that IS glamorous!!!!

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