I already posted today….but this is weird…cool weird….

…and I wanted to share it with you, especially if you are doing the Daniel Fast.  I have had a sour stomach for a couple of days….I admitted earlier that I didn’t give up my Pepsi Max, but I’m praying to find out what the deal is with that…..so I thought the sour stomach was from  the pop…soda for you non-Michiganders : ).  Tonight was my meditation and it was so sour before I went in that I was wondering if I should.  This is going to be a little graphic….so be warned….I used the restroom as usual and everything was normal…not that I was checking, this is just for later explanation.   During the meditation I had so much trouble staying with it, physically I even had trouble sitting up right, but I did, I could barely hear what the leader was saying and I had a tremendous and powerful energy around me the entire time.  When the meditation was finished….and I didn’t hear any of it….I went to use the rest room before going home….it was bright yellow….like when you take B vitamins….but I hadn’t taken any and it was normal just before….it was also bright yellow again when I got home….and I feel good!  Eric had the same thing happen last week but he didn’t have a stomach ache.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the emotional energy that was released before.  The stomach is the sacral chakra….and loads of energy from emotions and other people is stored there…..I find this to be amazing…..it was very noticeable on the emotional level and the physical level seemed to follow.

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