How was your first week?

I was very ill over the weekend….I thought that it was the flu….but I don’t usually get sick even when people around me are sick.  I was using a medicated cream also at the time and the adverse side effects were similar to the flu so I stopped using it….I feel a lot better now what ever it was.  I have also felt very introspective during this fast.  Usually something is revealed  to me during a fast….I don’t think that there ever was one where I didn’t receive revelation….weather I was looking for it or not.  Now I’m pretty much to the point of just turning it over to God and asking for insight and guidance….I did still make a list of prayers….but I’m totally surrendering to God.  Since I am feeling so introspective, I’m not going to really go into detail with it at this point, but I’m very aware of God and that He is here…..I feel like major shifts are taking place.  I just wanted to let you know that I was still with you…..are you still with me?

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