Day 4 and back to real food for some of you….

….if this is your first day of eating again….you may want to go slow….well, you may not want to…..but you could get a serious stomach ache if you don’t. Things like applesauce, banana’s, oat bran, vegetable soups, red lentils, brown rice and steamed vegetables are going to be easier to digest….I had an amazing raw broccoli salad on my first day back to eating….crunchy hummus salad….but it may have been better to wait a day for it….it has been lunch all week though : )

My group came over last night, it’s so nice to do this with other people! The things other people are going though can answer questions that you didn’t know you had and vise versa….I think that it’s nice to just have the support too.  Eric is doing great and has gone 3 days without coffee….he feels free : )  I have another person from our group coming over who couldn’t make it last night….so I’ve got to go for now….Have a great day!!!

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