Happy New Year!!!! We start the Daniel fast tomorrow : )

I have my prayers written out, the vegetables, (carrots, celery and parsley), ready for juicing. I also bought some organic Very Veggie juice for dinner, vanilla, chocolate and plain unsweetened soy milk….(Eden Farms Brand, it’s organic and does not have sugar). I’m having a small grain at each meal with fat so I have brown rice and sprouted bread as well. I’ll be honest, I was so excited that I started on Saturday….but I’ll still go to the 24th with you. I feel so good about this year and this fast. Insights are already coming and I have so much faith and trust in God that I can just get out of the way and let Him do his thing. There’s a group of women that will be coming to my house to do this with me….I’ve never done it that way before and am really looking forward to it….Eric is doing it too but no men have signed up for the group so he doesn’t want to do that : ) Don’t forget that we have room on the forum for posts….I look forward to seeing how everyone is doing! Have a wonderful, super blessed day!

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