Chalean Extreme Update

I finished phase 2…Push….Friday and am now on the lean phase.  My measurements are the same…I may have gained 3/4 of an inch on my hips…it’s hard to measure those spots….how hard did I pull it in last time : )?  It’s fun to suck in all the way and pull it tight : )  My weight is the same….but I did get to add a food!  I feel a sense of accomplishment by finishing it each week….and now 2 months….we are still putting our workouts on the refrigerator….Eric and me….Alexis got to busy with school, debate, church and friends and blew us off.  Today is Wednesday so I’ve done 3 days of the lean….my body hurts….but I don’t know if I like it….my favorite is the burn phase…..that was the first month.  I like to learn how to do a work out then just keep doing it.  One thing cool was that Eric just told me that he can’t finish the ab burner….I can do it, no problem : )  There’s something that my years of pilates did….I’m still amazed at how fast my abs went down in one month with this when they didn’t pull in with the 3 or more years of the Pilates….they were obviously stronger than I thought though : )

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