Happy Holiday’s and gear up for the Daniel Fast 2011!!!

I hope everyone is having a great holiday! Isn’t it wonderful to not gain weight….some may even lose : ) We watched an old video on Christmas day….I’m talking VHS….we couldn’t make some of them work because they required a special tape converter and the batteries that we left in garroted : ( The one we did watch though was fun….the kids were little, family members who are now gone were there….but it’s really not a good idea to watch those things for too long…it gives a funky feeling….maybe like the funky cold Madina….I”m being a dork ; ) On the tape we did watch, there were about 2 1/2 years on it and it was during a time in life where big changes were going on and it showed in my weight and my puffy face….I felt really grateful for the time it was when it was….but also for all of the gifts and good changes that have happened…..and it started with a Daniel Fast.

I’m excited to get started this year and Eric will be doing it with me….I believe that it will be all the more powerful doing this together. We have also invited people to do this with us that belong to our church….so far I’ve just had one panic stricken reply : )…..but that was from a friend not in this town….there are a couple of people who have already done small ones who are on board. And I want to make this a community involvement with you too. I’ve written so much about this subject on this blog, so I won’t repeat myself. What I do want you to do if you’ll join us though is to make a list of what you want God to help you with….people, places and things and decide on how you will do your fast…will it start with a juice fast followed by the Daniel fast….here’s a nice guide that I found on the internet to help you figure it out: http://www.vlifecenter.org/pdf/Daniel-Fast-Food.pdf….just decide what you will do….it’s totally between you and God. We’re going to start on 1/3/11. There is a pastor, Jentezen Franklin who does an annual corporate fast with his church and it’s televised, he also has great stuff on his website http://www.jentezenfranklin.org/fasting/. His is a Christian website, but you can still do this if you are Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, or just seeking God.

This is an amazing, powerful experience….I really hope that you’ll join us! Love and Light to you!!!

Chalean Extreme Update

I finished phase 2…Push….Friday and am now on the lean phase.  My measurements are the same…I may have gained 3/4 of an inch on my hips…it’s hard to measure those spots….how hard did I pull it in last time : )?  It’s fun to suck in all the way and pull it tight : )  My weight is the same….but I did get to add a food!  I feel a sense of accomplishment by finishing it each week….and now 2 months….we are still putting our workouts on the refrigerator….Eric and me….Alexis got to busy with school, debate, church and friends and blew us off.  Today is Wednesday so I’ve done 3 days of the lean….my body hurts….but I don’t know if I like it….my favorite is the burn phase…..that was the first month.  I like to learn how to do a work out then just keep doing it.  One thing cool was that Eric just told me that he can’t finish the ab burner….I can do it, no problem : )  There’s something that my years of pilates did….I’m still amazed at how fast my abs went down in one month with this when they didn’t pull in with the 3 or more years of the Pilates….they were obviously stronger than I thought though : )