Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello Friends,

I’m so grateful for my wonderful, awesome healthy family!  I’ve been thinking of everything that God has blessed me with.  The people who are here, the ones who aren’t anymore but touched my life, the lessons, the gifts, everything – even the things that have seemed so hard….sometimes especially the things that seem hard…..because they have turned into something magnificent.  I’m grateful for no longer feeling the need to stuff myself on this day….actually, it would usually be at least 3 days : )  I’m grateful to see what is really important….and it’s not the food….but the food I’m eating today will be very enjoyable, healthy and abstinent.  I’m just grateful to feel grateful!

I hope you have a very special Thanksgiving…..I’m also very, very grateful for you!

Lots of Love, hugs and kisses to you…..Sandee

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