God’s Perfect Plan for You

When we first started this website a few years ago, it was pretty much to just swap recipes within the group that I…and very few other people where in….for an eating disorder connected to eating sugar and flour. It has grown to so many people using it for various reasons…we all have the common theme of eating no sugar and no flour but also to just live happier and healthier lives…that’s awesome!

The way that I found the “right” diet for me to do was to do a “Daniel Fast”. There is a blueprint in each of us that is unique to each of us that if we can get in line with….our lives will be the way they are supposed to be. After doing the Daniel fast I was led to the group that I am now in and have been in for nearly 6 years…it’s a strict way to live and not meant for everyone….but I believe that it is meant for me….I’m still amazed that I have been able to do it for so long….well, not me….God, my sponsor, my group, then myself. I’ve seen a lot of people come and go…they see the results that we get and want those…the day to day part of it is too much though. Maybe because it’s not the right path….exactly. The good health ideals are a pretty common theme throught the successful plans…it’s just finding the right vehicle for you….and sticking with it….when it’s the right one….you will have a strenght and power from within that will help you stay on track….you still have to do the work….but you will have the desire and stamina to do it.

By doing a Daniel Fast, you can get in touch with God in a way that you never have been able to before….and you can let him remove strongholds and guide you within your blueprint. People ask me questions about their health and which diet to go on….I am a nutrition consultant….and a recovering compulsive eater…but if you have gotten to a point of complete confusion and feel that you’ve tried everything and are still at a loss. I highly recommend doing that….and asking God…..what is the right way for you.

I love so much how this community has grown and the amazing people that I’ve been blessed to talk to….keep coming back! We can do this together! I love you guys/gals!

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