It’s time to get extreme baby!

Hey, how’ve you all been?  I’ve been busy with a new workout….Eric and Alexis are doing it with me too.  It’s called “CHAlene Extreme“.  It started because I kept hearing about “P90X“, a

woman at my church did it and looks amazing…I don’t know how much weight she lost…she wasn’t fat, but now she’s in great shape….and I saw it on line a few times too….it’s an hour though, 6 days a week….when I thought about it realistically…I knew that I wouldn’t want to stick with that for long, so I looked at “CHAlene Extreme“.  It’s 5 days a week….two of the days are about an hour and the other 3 are from 35-40 minutes….and it’s only a 90 day commitment.  We have now been doing it for 5 weeks and are very happy with the results.  I have not lost any weight….and I’m so glad that I measured myself because of that….my weight is already right for me, but I would have liked some more food : )  My main hope with this work out was to get nicer abs….even in skinny size 2’s and 4’s I seem to have an apple body… waist went from 30.5 to 29, the abs went from 36 to 33.25 and my hips went from 36 to 34.25…..hourglass….here I come : ) 

Vita-Mix Affiliate Code 06-003511 saves you $25 USD/ $35 CN, Free Shipping

Vita-Mix Promo Code 06-003511 saves you $25 USD/ $35 CN, Free Shipping

I also wanted it to keep my mood up now that it’s fall and going into winter….and I do notice a difference with the work outs…..even when I don’t feel like doing them, the movements feel good and so do I within a few minutes….and definitely after I’m done!  The other thing that I wanted it for was more energy….and it has come through for me there too….I even did an extra one Saturday because I had so much and didn’t know what to do with it : )  Eric and Alexis like it too….it’s a fun family thing to do….we keep a chart on the refrigerator and write our initial in it when we’ve done it….dorky, I know, but we get such satisfaction out of putting our letter up and saying that we got extreme : )  There are very few products that we personally endorse on this site….VitaMix is one….and now this will be another.  We paid less than $150, (including shipping) for the entire set that all 3 of us get to use….and we can use it again….I probably will….I like to do the same thing over and over…..Eric is already thinking of the P90X….I think his testosterone got bumped up a few notches : )

I’ll start talking soon about the “Daniel Fast” again as well.  I want to start another one the first Monday in January….I like time to prepare….to think about what I want to release, what I want to gain….and to just start thinking in that direction so that God can take over more….I think that I’m pretty good about letting him lead the way….but sometimes there are blockages that I’m not aware of….I just like to give him the first of the year anyway….then the rest seems to go so much better.  I keep remembering the first one that I did.  I asked for help with my weight….and was taken to the right place on Feb 4 of that year….2005….I asked to do better in the job I was in….it ended up being that I really didn’t need to be where I was and was much happier and fulfilled by releasing it…..I asked for help with some personal issues that I was having that I had no idea what to do with….and got the help that I needed….it wasn’t what I thought it would be, but it was just right.  It always amazes me what God will do….and how He will do it….if I can just let go….now I look forward to it.  Will you think about a Daniel Fast with me….no animal products or processed foods for 21 days, prayers, goals and surrender….Daniel 1:8….you don’t have to be a Christian or Jewish to do it….it’s fun and powerful to be doing it with others : )

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