Update on Raw

I was just reading through some raw food websites and stories….I still love doing that : ) While reading through one story where they were just on an ultimate high, I noticed that it was at a 3 month mark, so I went back to read my blog at about the same time. That has been nice for me to be able to go back and remember my experiences as it were happening, I’ve never been one to keep a journal….but I think it’s a good idea….there’s so much to learn. Any way the similarities with the story I was reading and my own were about the releasing of the toxins….not just physical but emotional….my first thought was to go extreme to get the extreme results….for some reason I just love extreme. When I read my food for then though, I didn’t go all raw, I used yogurt and kefir for protein and I didn’t give up caffeine….but the results were still quite profound. You know what? They haven’t stopped either. Since that time I have also given up the sugar free gum….I was a pack-a-dayer ; ) The biggest reason was that it gave me TMJ and my bite splint was really bothering me…it hurt my teeth and I was worried that it was receding my gums…I wasn’t 100% sure that the TMJ was due to the gum because I needed the splint about 10 years ago when life was really stressful….it’s not like that any more….and yes, it was the gum. I have been without the splint for 4 to 6 months now and have not woke up with clenched or sore teeth : ) The other reason was that I was consuming large amounts of aspartame by chewing it.

I’ve been seeing quite a bit lately where raw foodists are adding back cooked vegetables and even cooked meats and that maybe it’s not the ultimate total way to live after all….at least long term….but there are arguments on both sides of that. I think that it shows how important it is to really pay attention to how things effect your own body….and to get blood work and check up’s done to see what’s going on before it becomes a problem.

I go back and forth with the caffeine….now I’m on….but am still getting nice releases and insights. I’m mostly vegetarian, but not all, I love yogurt…a lot….and I’ll go anywhere from 50 – 75% raw. Lately I’ve been eating a lot of cooked vegetables, especially squash, so that includes spray butter and salt….my weight is staying at the top range and I feel bloated….I’ve been right around 132-134…most weeks and have lost all of my extra’s….which is why I was looking into the raw food dramatic extreme again, for motivation….I feel so much better when I’m eating more live food and my weight is 128-130. I feel inspired, which is my main reason for blogging today. So many times in the past when I haven’t been “perfect” it has put me into a funk with a feeling of defeat and hopelessness that I’m just never going to be all right….well, who is? I do so much better when I’m striving for something a little better than where I’m at and enjoy the little successes. There are non-negotiables where I have to stay abstinent….but some things are just part of living….and “I’ve come a long way baby : )”

Speaking of extreme, I was looking into P90x, it’s a 90 day super intense exercise routine, 6 days a week, an hour a day. It sounded good….especially the results. I ended up getting “Chalean Extreme”, it’s 30 – 45 minutes a day, 5 days a week. We did last week and have started on this one….it’s still tough…and I’m glad that I chose this one….I’ll let you know the results as we get them. My main focus is my abs, energy and mood. Alexis is doing it too….now Eric joined in as well : )

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