Thank you God for another healing!!!

I went to the OB/GYN today for a follow up to an appointment that I had last winter. When I had my annual check up they found my uterus to be too large…it was 20 centimeters when it’s supposed to be 12 and I also had a cyst on my ovary. The doctor took a sample of the tissue and it was fine. She put me on Prometrium to thin the lining…I was terrified to take it with my family history of cancer and the progesterone can cause cancer….I took it though for about 10 days or so….I was supposed to for the entire 6 months….I started feeling side effects, (one of them though was to empty my uterus and it did that….I just didn’t need it for 6 months), and I don’t remember exactly what they were but I got on the web to find out what I could about this….and it is common to prescribe progesterone to thin the lining. I also found that a congested liver could cause cysts on the ovaries and enough information to come to the conclusion to do one…I started with a colon cleanse, then 2 liver cleanses, and finished with a parasite cleanse….actually 2 of those as well. There was a lot of praying involved and Reiki. Today my results were that the uterus lining is now 6.1 and the cyst is gone! She was very happy to give me my good news….and I was very happy to receive it. I hope I don’t sound anit-doctor….because I’m not…I totally believe in getting annual check ups, listening to their advise and following up….and we definitely need them…..but we really need to be aware of our own bodies, ask lots and lots of questions, pray and follow up on what we feel is right, or what God wants us to do….and still keep checking to see if we’re doing it right until it is right. This was the 3rd time that I was prescribed something serious that natural health healed….I would not have known what the problem was though or that it was healed without the doctors. I think that we need to team up with our doctors and take an active role in our health; both preventative and recovery. Both of my parents did what they wanted food, drink and lifestyle wise, both of them….especially my dad….avoided the doctors and doing what was suggested….I think because they knew that “stop smoking, stop drinking, eat better and exercise” would be top on the list and they didn’t what to do that….but they both followed at the end when it was too late but what was being suggested couldn’t compensate for all of the abuse they did to their bodies or the lack of listening when they needed to….and they didn’t have time at that point to look into it. It makes me sad to think about, but it won’t be in vain if we can learn from them or the people around us…this is serious business our health and not something that will go away if we ignore it….actually…it will go away if we ignore it.

Take care of you!!!!!

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