I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please for give me? Thank you. “Ho’oponopono”

I heard a talk about “Ho’oponopono” about a year ago. The story was about a psychologist who worked for a high security prison. He never actually met with the prisoners, but he went through each of their files and said, “I love you. I’m sorry. Will you please forgive me? Thank you” The prisoners went from being very aggressive, fighting each other and needing to be in shackles to peaceful and free within the environment. That is all I knew about the story at that time. I have been recently working on someone with Reiki who is experiencing emotional blocks that are very old and because they are blocks this person is not able to…or isn’t aware of how….to release these blocks. The message came to me….I thought for her….and it is for her…..to do this exercise. I thought that I would try it myself too….this was yesterday. I sat and just visualized different people to do this with, they were people that I have said something that I shouldn’t have, did something that I shouldn’t have, some things big but mostly things that were small…and most likely things that they never gave a second thought to….but the more I did it the lighter I felt. I then visualized people that I thought did me wrong…they were entirely to blame….and I had no part in it what-so-ever : ) ha ha ha….now that was a major lift….major….and I was floating around quite a while….I think I spent about an hour doing this with anyone and everyone that came to mind. Later that day I experienced a “let down”, I don’t know if my high got so high that I just crashed or what. Then I talked to this feeling with the same statements….and I was lifted again. Today has been so wonderful….and I continue to do it….sending it out to anyone who comes to mind, our country, our politicians, people I barely know….everyone.

I started looking on the internet for the story….I did that last night….but much more today and I’m just amazed with what I’m reading about it. It’s pretty much erasing negative patterns….actually letting God remove the patterns….we have to ask….He gives us free will. It’s about taking 100% responsibility for everything that we experience….even when it seems totally obvious that it’s the other person, the government, the schools, etc….how powerful is that? How freeing! How amazing! Just based on my experience over the past 24 hours with this and the feelings I am having and releasing….and I wasn’t even aware that they were there….but I have been aware of blocks, fears, inhibitions….I just didn’t know what to do….I thought I did….I’d pray, say affirmations, pump myself up….and that all does work….but when there is something stuck way down deep that we’re not aware of….and the subconscious feeling is more powerful than the conscious one…the subconscious one wins…this is another way of letting God go in and correct the pattern, remove the stink, fix the broken record. I am so full of gratitude right now. I did find you tube videos and a great interview that we will be getting on here as soon as possible….but in the mean time….you don’t have to know how this works….just say those statements, “I love you, I’m sorry, Please forgive me and thank you” to who ever comes into your mind and experience the love, grace and peace that follows!

I love you lots and lots! And I’m sorry, will you please forgive me? and thank you : )

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