Out of the mouths of babes

I finished my Daniel fast….technically.  I really feel good eating this way….and reading further, I never saw anywhere that Daniel ate any other way.  I did read though that he and his friends who also followed God were greatly promoted and did better way beyond what the other people did that worked for the king….I’ve eaten a little yogurt sense it has been done and some regular salad dressing….but no meat….and I don’t know that I want to.  I do confess though that I have been drinking Pepsi Max….still no coffee….but I drink this now almost every day : (  Caffeine seems to be my last vise….and it’s a real struggle for me….a real struggle.

We went up north this weekend to our cabin.  We have family that has one next to ours.  While I was weeding some flowers one of my little nephews who is almost 4 was “helping” me and chattering on the whole time…once I got into his lingo, it was quite a conversation : )  I gave him two pretty flowers that fell off and said that he could give them to his mom and tell her he loved her….I said that would make her happy and that she would probably give him a hug and a kiss….he made a funny face and said that he didn’t like kisses.  I said, maybe she would just give him a hug then.  When he saw her he happily ran up to her to give her the flowers….I told her what he said….it was very cute….she said that he told her another time that he didn’t like kisses but he still loved her….then she made kissing motions to him.

While I was washing the floor this morning I kept seeing Eddie saying that.  I thought how profound that someone his age would have the where with all to express what was uncomfortable to him but also have the compassion and awareness to tell his mom that he still loved her….that it wasn’t because of her….he just didn’t like it.  I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all do that?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were honored by the other person and not taken as an offense or rejection?  It sounds like the basis for a healthy loving relationship.  For the past 5 years or so I’ve been working on being true to myself….compassionate toward others….but honest and true to myself as I’ve been trying to figure out exactly who that is.  If I can’t take proper care of myself….I’m really no good to anyone else any way….other than in a robot capacity…..and I certainly don’t want to live as a robot…no one would consciously choose that.  It’s been quite a hard change to make.  Often we’re called selfish, judgmental, intolerant, etc….by the people who want us to stuff our feelings and put theirs first….because we are taught that we are supposed to do that and if you don’t….there’s something fundamentally wrong with you.  What a mess that makes.  No one wants to feel like they are hurting another person….and no one wants to feel like something is wrong with them…or that they are unacceptable.  The people who expect us to do things that we are not comfortable for us to make them more comfortable are really doing that as well….they just don’t realize it….because they were taught that it was the right thing to do too, they are teaching us, correcting us or offended by us because we are not making them happy….we’re not following the rules.  It becomes a battle, an isolation, a torment a vicious painful cycle….and it just doesn’t need to be that way.

Eddie taught me a valuable lesson yesterday…and I hope that he always stays true to himself and compassionate to others.  What a wonderful world this would be if we could all do that!  We can!!!

One thought on “Out of the mouths of babes

  1. Sandee:

    I LOVE this post. Almost made me cry. I am struggling to become the person I used to be before kids and husband took over. And you’re right, the people in your life that you always did things for get resentful that you’re taking time for yourself, but to be healthy and happy, it must happen. Also, I think it helps your children be more independent and mature.

    You’ve got a little gem there in your nephew. And yourself. Eric is a lucky man.

    Keep up the good work, I love your blog/website.

    Thanks and God bless–Angela

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