Day 17 of the Daniel Fast

Wow, I can’t believe it’s this far already!  I feel really good, I’m still going through book after book…at least one a day…on raw food and the Bible….especially the book of Romans….and in particular number 8….I think that I’ve read that every day this week…very, very, very inspirational!!!!  I’ve also read Daniel on fasting several times….I have the stuff I like highlighted….and Proverbs…what ever day it is, that’s the number I read.  I’ve gone to my meditation group twice….I need to make sure that I go to that at least once a week…..I just function so much better when I do….all the time, not just during fasting.  It’s amazing, the spiritual connection I feel to God when I do this….like why would I ever want to go back to “normal”?

Work wise….I am back in real estate and my first listing will be my own property up north….hopefully by Monday for the holiday weekend.  I attuned it to Reiki about 4 years ago when I was first learning how to do it and since that time we’ve put it on the market to sell with 4 different realtors.  There were 2 easements on it that the neighbor in front of us was using to try and claim access to our property….he didn’t have any rights but was able to cause confusion with them…for others and us.  He would tell people that we had a public access through our yard and direct them through it, he put boats in our yard, other debris, he left junk boats in the water….it was quite a night mare dealing with this guy, but he now stays completely off of our property.  The fence lines were off too making our yard appear smaller than it was, (we have a privacy fence that blocks the view of his place from ours….which is absolutely beautiful, clean and tidy)….and this man lives just about as messy and dirty and lazy as anyone I’ve ever seen….do you remember Fred Sandford from Sanford and Son?  Well, I think he’s related to my neighbor.  If that wasn’t enough to scare people off….and we’ve had people who were very interested but walked away due to him….he would come out and tell people that he had a law suit against us because of the easements…not when we were there of course….and there isn’t one….the police did come out and have a talk with him about it.  It’s been both interesting and frustrating dealing with him for us and the realtors…..the solution….we just kept dropping the price….we do live in Michigan too where the market has been not so good over all anyway….but I believe that we would have sold it already if it were not for him.

About a month or so ago I felt like I needed to attune it again so I did.  Since that time, we found a great local builder that quite honestly we just contacted to re do the fence so that the lines would be proper….and to more define the yard, especially the “non public access” and give more privacy from the road and man in front.  To do that I contacted the surveyor to re establish the stakes.  I also contacted Consumers…the owner of one of the easements to see about putting the fence over their easement….and was not only able to do that but got directed to the right people and actually had it completely removed from the property!  (I also met a neat lady in the process who loved this site….she’s the one who helped the most : )  The other easement in question….not by us but by the man in front,(we had 2 attorney’s look at it and determine that it was only for our use)….will be able to be much more clear to the average Joe looking at the survey….it will actually be consolidated and not even on the survey….no more confusion : )  This may sound easy,(and it has been), but it’s been through 3 attorneys, a title company and 4 realtors prior to being attuned….and it was anything but easy.  Another very nice thing was the other things the builder was able to accomplish that in my mind were just pipe dreams and really gave it the wow factor.  God is now in charge and we’re just taking the next step.  I’m putting this out there now because I believe that this is a part of my calling….to work with the energy of properties and balance them for the current people, as well as the past and future.  I have seen some amazing things happen as a result of attuning properties to Reiki and cleansing the energy….but this is the first that is going out on record….and as it’s happening…..hopefully the first of many wonderful, exciting stories….I will keep you posted.

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