Daniel Fast

I wrote yesterday and saved it….but I don’t know what happened to it : )  Anyway I kept getting the feeling that I needed to do this and two different people asked me about it…one is going to do it with me : )  I also kept talking myself out of it….I do love food you know…but I love the rewards of it.  The release of strong holds, toxins, I’m already super hydrated after just one day, the mental clarity and the closeness I feel to God….that is the number one reason.  Yesterday something came up that I needed to surrender and I got the message pretty clear as I was getting ready to do it and I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to go with it.  There is also a website that I found http://www.increasingjoyministries.org/Fasting%203.htm that has a great prayer and reading to follow….there is a lot of reading and I didn’t do it today….reading the book of Daniel though was very helpful.

Yesterday I was pretty mellow and didn’t feel like being around people…so I wasn’t….today I felt pretty normal again though.

This is what I had the past 2 days and what I will have tomorrow, (I’ve been drinking boat loads of Pepsi Max…no coffee….but lots of this…so it’s definitely something that I’m releasing)


lemon with water, green drink, (I give 10-15 minutes in between), 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C soy milk, 2 oil pills


Green drink, 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C freshly juiced carrot and celery juice, 1 tsp oil, 2 C soy milk

Dinner, 1/2 C Acai juice, 3 C freshly juiced carrot, celery, beet, tomato and onion juice, garlic and salt, 2 C soy milk

There’s a great discount on a set of raw food movies that I bought and really like, they’re 1/2 off and that’s why I didn’t post yesterday.  Check it out here.

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