Out of the mouths of babes

I finished my Daniel fast….technically.  I really feel good eating this way….and reading further, I never saw anywhere that Daniel ate any other way.  I did read though that he and his friends who also followed God were greatly promoted and did better way beyond what the other people did that worked for the king….I’ve eaten a little yogurt sense it has been done and some regular salad dressing….but no meat….and I don’t know that I want to.  I do confess though that I have been drinking Pepsi Max….still no coffee….but I drink this now almost every day : (  Caffeine seems to be my last vise….and it’s a real struggle for me….a real struggle.

We went up north this weekend to our cabin.  We have family that has one next to ours.  While I was weeding some flowers one of my little nephews who is almost 4 was “helping” me and chattering on the whole time…once I got into his lingo, it was quite a conversation : )  I gave him two pretty flowers that fell off and said that he could give them to his mom and tell her he loved her….I said that would make her happy and that she would probably give him a hug and a kiss….he made a funny face and said that he didn’t like kisses.  I said, maybe she would just give him a hug then.  When he saw her he happily ran up to her to give her the flowers….I told her what he said….it was very cute….she said that he told her another time that he didn’t like kisses but he still loved her….then she made kissing motions to him.

While I was washing the floor this morning I kept seeing Eddie saying that.  I thought how profound that someone his age would have the where with all to express what was uncomfortable to him but also have the compassion and awareness to tell his mom that he still loved her….that it wasn’t because of her….he just didn’t like it.  I thought, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all do that?  Wouldn’t it be amazing if it were honored by the other person and not taken as an offense or rejection?  It sounds like the basis for a healthy loving relationship.  For the past 5 years or so I’ve been working on being true to myself….compassionate toward others….but honest and true to myself as I’ve been trying to figure out exactly who that is.  If I can’t take proper care of myself….I’m really no good to anyone else any way….other than in a robot capacity…..and I certainly don’t want to live as a robot…no one would consciously choose that.  It’s been quite a hard change to make.  Often we’re called selfish, judgmental, intolerant, etc….by the people who want us to stuff our feelings and put theirs first….because we are taught that we are supposed to do that and if you don’t….there’s something fundamentally wrong with you.  What a mess that makes.  No one wants to feel like they are hurting another person….and no one wants to feel like something is wrong with them…or that they are unacceptable.  The people who expect us to do things that we are not comfortable for us to make them more comfortable are really doing that as well….they just don’t realize it….because they were taught that it was the right thing to do too, they are teaching us, correcting us or offended by us because we are not making them happy….we’re not following the rules.  It becomes a battle, an isolation, a torment a vicious painful cycle….and it just doesn’t need to be that way.

Eddie taught me a valuable lesson yesterday…and I hope that he always stays true to himself and compassionate to others.  What a wonderful world this would be if we could all do that!  We can!!!

Day 17 of the Daniel Fast

Wow, I can’t believe it’s this far already!  I feel really good, I’m still going through book after book…at least one a day…on raw food and the Bible….especially the book of Romans….and in particular number 8….I think that I’ve read that every day this week…very, very, very inspirational!!!!  I’ve also read Daniel on fasting several times….I have the stuff I like highlighted….and Proverbs…what ever day it is, that’s the number I read.  I’ve gone to my meditation group twice….I need to make sure that I go to that at least once a week…..I just function so much better when I do….all the time, not just during fasting.  It’s amazing, the spiritual connection I feel to God when I do this….like why would I ever want to go back to “normal”?

Work wise….I am back in real estate and my first listing will be my own property up north….hopefully by Monday for the holiday weekend.  I attuned it to Reiki about 4 years ago when I was first learning how to do it and since that time we’ve put it on the market to sell with 4 different realtors.  There were 2 easements on it that the neighbor in front of us was using to try and claim access to our property….he didn’t have any rights but was able to cause confusion with them…for others and us.  He would tell people that we had a public access through our yard and direct them through it, he put boats in our yard, other debris, he left junk boats in the water….it was quite a night mare dealing with this guy, but he now stays completely off of our property.  The fence lines were off too making our yard appear smaller than it was, (we have a privacy fence that blocks the view of his place from ours….which is absolutely beautiful, clean and tidy)….and this man lives just about as messy and dirty and lazy as anyone I’ve ever seen….do you remember Fred Sandford from Sanford and Son?  Well, I think he’s related to my neighbor.  If that wasn’t enough to scare people off….and we’ve had people who were very interested but walked away due to him….he would come out and tell people that he had a law suit against us because of the easements…not when we were there of course….and there isn’t one….the police did come out and have a talk with him about it.  It’s been both interesting and frustrating dealing with him for us and the realtors…..the solution….we just kept dropping the price….we do live in Michigan too where the market has been not so good over all anyway….but I believe that we would have sold it already if it were not for him.

About a month or so ago I felt like I needed to attune it again so I did.  Since that time, we found a great local builder that quite honestly we just contacted to re do the fence so that the lines would be proper….and to more define the yard, especially the “non public access” and give more privacy from the road and man in front.  To do that I contacted the surveyor to re establish the stakes.  I also contacted Consumers…the owner of one of the easements to see about putting the fence over their easement….and was not only able to do that but got directed to the right people and actually had it completely removed from the property!  (I also met a neat lady in the process who loved this site….she’s the one who helped the most : )  The other easement in question….not by us but by the man in front,(we had 2 attorney’s look at it and determine that it was only for our use)….will be able to be much more clear to the average Joe looking at the survey….it will actually be consolidated and not even on the survey….no more confusion : )  This may sound easy,(and it has been), but it’s been through 3 attorneys, a title company and 4 realtors prior to being attuned….and it was anything but easy.  Another very nice thing was the other things the builder was able to accomplish that in my mind were just pipe dreams and really gave it the wow factor.  God is now in charge and we’re just taking the next step.  I’m putting this out there now because I believe that this is a part of my calling….to work with the energy of properties and balance them for the current people, as well as the past and future.  I have seen some amazing things happen as a result of attuning properties to Reiki and cleansing the energy….but this is the first that is going out on record….and as it’s happening…..hopefully the first of many wonderful, exciting stories….I will keep you posted.

Day 9 of the Daniel Fast

I finally did find the post I wrote on Cinco De Mayo….but it’s close to the one I wrote the next day.  The juice fast was very cleansing….although I did get really hungry on the 3 rd day…for dinner I included 2 slices of Ezekiel bread with 1/8 of an avocado.  Physically I feel good, I’ve been having trouble with having energy crashes in the afternoon just after lunch….but I get up at 6 am after staying up until 11pm….when I sleep naturally….or wake up naturally….I seem to be like clockwork with 8 hours….during the week, it’s 7 so I do get behind anyway.  Yesterday though, I did get a bit run down but popped right back up and was fine.  I usually lay down for 15 or 20 minutes in the afternoon if I can….and thanks God….usually I can.  Emotionally and mentally I feel very even keeled, in the past I’ve gotten “ah ha” moments while doing this….nothing so far but that’s not so bad.  I am really drawn to raw foods again to the point of that is all I want to read about, watch, research….and of course experiment with new recipes : )  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go all raw due to the protein….but maybe…..I’m used to living on yogurt for my protein and have had none of that during this fast….I’m mostly eating hemp protein and soy milk smoothies, sprouted lentils, (they’re raw), soy nut butter and re-fried beans…fat free of course…..and OMG….have I got a recipe coming for you!!!!  Spiritually, this goes with the raw food living too….I feel more grounded but at the same time more elevated and connected with God.  I went to my meditation group on Wednesday and I haven’t been in a few weeks….it was like I heard God say, “Would you like a spiritual experience out of the fast or not?”  I said YES, YES, I definitely would!  The meditation was awesome, I had trouble staying in my body…and sense I was sitting in a chair and didn’t think that the lady next to me would appreciate me plopping onto her…I made sure that I stayed in my body : )  I do need to exercise more though…I’ve been doing a yoga/pilates combination on my own for about a month but I’m not really getting my heart rate up, the weather has been horrible….but now it’s looking good so I’m going to get out there and walk…power walk….in the beautiful sunshine!  But for now, I have a list of things to complete first….adios amigos!

Daniel Fast

I wrote yesterday and saved it….but I don’t know what happened to it : )  Anyway I kept getting the feeling that I needed to do this and two different people asked me about it…one is going to do it with me : )  I also kept talking myself out of it….I do love food you know…but I love the rewards of it.  The release of strong holds, toxins, I’m already super hydrated after just one day, the mental clarity and the closeness I feel to God….that is the number one reason.  Yesterday something came up that I needed to surrender and I got the message pretty clear as I was getting ready to do it and I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet so I decided to go with it.  There is also a website that I found http://www.increasingjoyministries.org/Fasting%203.htm that has a great prayer and reading to follow….there is a lot of reading and I didn’t do it today….reading the book of Daniel though was very helpful.

Yesterday I was pretty mellow and didn’t feel like being around people…so I wasn’t….today I felt pretty normal again though.

This is what I had the past 2 days and what I will have tomorrow, (I’ve been drinking boat loads of Pepsi Max…no coffee….but lots of this…so it’s definitely something that I’m releasing)


lemon with water, green drink, (I give 10-15 minutes in between), 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C soy milk, 2 oil pills


Green drink, 1/2 C Acai juice, 2 C freshly juiced carrot and celery juice, 1 tsp oil, 2 C soy milk

Dinner, 1/2 C Acai juice, 3 C freshly juiced carrot, celery, beet, tomato and onion juice, garlic and salt, 2 C soy milk

There’s a great discount on a set of raw food movies that I bought and really like, they’re 1/2 off and that’s why I didn’t post yesterday.  Check it out here.