Happy Spring : )

I had all of my windows open last night and our patio furniture is out…..what a thrill.  I went shopping yesterday because I had a 30% off coupon at Kohl’s and just had to use it, right?  While I was in the dressing room I heard a woman complaining to her friend how nothing was fitting, she hated the lights and “knew” what she had to do when she left….diet.  While I totally felt for her….it was a too familiar feeling that I knew too well…..I was so grateful that everything that I was trying on was fitting….and it was the same size that I wore last year and the year before and the year before, etc….for the past 5 years.

I’m staying about 75% raw and loving it.  I think that it’s a healthy balance.  I’ve stayed off of coffee since whenever I blogged about it in here….but I’ve gone to Pepsi Max from time to time….major surge.  A couple of weeks ago I was drinking quite a lot of it and realized that I was using it to run from something again….just keep ahead of it and not deal with it.  The awareness that I’ve been under lately though called me on it.  I stopped and thought about how I felt about a situation and talked to the other people involved….it’s funny the patterns we get into over time that everyone seems to know but nobody says, we seem to know our parts and who’s supposed to do what without a word mentioned.  I dealt with it openly, respectfully and honestly and feel at peace with it.  I didn’t drink the Pepsi Max for several days….but then it effected my digestive system if you know what I mean….after 3 days I drank a couple of glasses and everything was working again : )  Eric’s a good buddy in things like this….my partner in crime : )  He agreed with me that I deserved to have some indulgences….and so I did….and to be honest, I really like the energy….but I over did it yesterday….just because….then I was up very late and woke up very early…all this ultra healthy living….and Pepsi Max.

Brett is doing so well in school….it’s beyond belief….he earned a great summer research project that he’s going to get paid for….go Brett!!!  He also earned an award for three consecutive terms of all A’s.  He will still get to be with us on the front of the summer and on the back…and we’ll  probably take a road trip to see him….he’ll be 10 hours away….that’s a biggie…..he was going to go to Germany though….so this is much more comfortable.

I’m having such a great time with Alexis…when I see her, I just love being with her.  She’s in lacrosse, forensics, school of course, and 2 youth groups.  She’ll be on spring break next week and the weather is supposed to turn back to yuck and most of her friends are leaving so we’re going to do girlie stuff like get facials and our hair done and go shopping….I can’t wait.  We get to go college shopping for her this summer.  I love the energy of the campuses, it’s electric, like you’re entering an alternate universe where anything and everything is possible.  I never stop being amazed at these wonderful people that God sent through me….especially seeing who they are becoming in their own right….they are both so awesome and I couldn’t have picked them any better if I tried.

I’m all blissed out because it’s spring….and no, I haven’t had any Pepsi Max today….yet : )  I’m so grateful for the life Eric and I have created together, our family, our home, church, the community, our health and abundance.  I am so grateful to God for leading me here….and he does lead….all you have to do is listen.  Which reminds me of one more thing before I go.  Yesterday Alexis was on her way home, she’s been looking for her cleats all week and was wondering where there were, she got the urge to check my trunk….and there they were!  It may sound like a little thing, but I think God will lead you ever step of the way, He cares about the big things and the little things….Alexis was happy : )