Obsessed about raw again

I have been obsessed about raw food living again.  I’ve been staying about 50% or more raw most of the time, but I want that free feeling that I had before, that magical connection….and the energy.  For the past few days I think that I’ve been closer to 80% raw and want to do at least that and maybe a little more….but I want to leave it open for going to restaurants and outings where I can stay mostly raw but still have a life with others….my food plan is so strict anyway….and I don’t mind a bit, it’s also as freeing as it is strict.  I called a place where they teach classes, there was a raw gourmet cooking class available over a long weekend, the problem is that a lot of those recipes are loaded in nuts or honey or dates or all and more….so that won’t work.  I’ve been pretty lucky though with coming up with or finding recipes that are really good.   There’s just something about eating that way that feels so loving and nurturing….probably because it really is more loving and nurturing….although my family wouldn’t agree….and I’m sure there would be a big protest if I started giving them raw everything : )  Brett’s home for a few days and was just totally against trying some vegetarian dishes….I swear he was born 40….all set in his ways….but he does come around some….he’s drinking organic milk at least and eats salads every day : )  Alexis and Eric are easier to get to try things.

As much as I love reading all of the stories and research from other people about raw food living….and I do….reading my own blog from spring of 08 was really inspiring….because I lived it, felt it and could relive it reading it….so I want to do that again.

Tomorrow I am going to eat:

4 oz sprouted lentils, 1 C soy milk, 1/2 C oat bran, (I have wheat berries ready for sprouting but that will take a few days), 8 oz blueberries, 1 T peanuts, (green drink, lemon-these will be 20 minutes before my meal-alone), stivia and cinnamon.  Vitamins and minerals

Salsa salad, 8 oz yogurt with 2 T sugar free syrup, stevia, raw cacao

Nearly raw chili with the yogurt again

I hope this goes at least as well as it did before if not better.  This time I don’t drink coffee but I have gotten in the habit of drinking Diet Pepsi Max in the afternoon….I would like to release that….but not this week I have too much going on and that would effect me badly…..well, just for the next couple of days really….I’ll think about that after tomorrow.

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