I saw Dr. Don and Mary Colbert this weekend : )

Have you seen them on Joyce Meyer or Kenneth Copeland?  I’ve been watching and reading his books for years….I’ve commented on things that he’s said on here….so it was really nice to see them in person….and with only a few hundred people.  They were talking about his new book, “You can do this diet”, it’s a lot like what I/we do, (if you’re in the program that I’m in : ).  I have quite a few people who aren’t in this program asking about it….but if you’re in it….you know it’s a “secret”….I do tell people though when they ask me directly and guide them to it if it is for them….but many it’s not….and that’s totally okay….we’re all in this to live healthy spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically….if we have a little different way about doing it, that’s fine as long as what you’re doing is working for you.  Anyway, I went to Mary on a break to let her know that I wanted to post their books on this site….we sell a lot of Dr. Gott’s for him just because it’s similar…..but I really like Dr. Colbert….he goes so much further than just no sugar/no flour….he incorporates the detoxing, supplements, the “deadly emotions”, affirmations, spirituality, (Christian), accountability….just so much of what it takes…..and it takes all that and more.  I told her that I had not eaten sugar or flour in over 5 years, released 70 lbs and have kept it off for 4 years….she got really excited….she’s very vibrant and lively anyway….she asked me if I would go up and tell everyone what I just told her and I said that I would…and did….it was kind of cool.  Another thing that was cool was that this was the church that I learned about fasting at….the one in my story….it changed my life and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to share that with the people who were there.

My super hero’s used to be people like Madonna….funny, I can’t really think of any right now, but they were the rock stars, movie stars….people living on the edge….but now they are people who are changing the way we live life, Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, Dr. Colbert….and so many real people who have the courage to put themselves out there for what they believe….many raw food people….and that they are willing to share in spite of what people may think.  One thing that I was really grateful for that Dr. Colbert said was in defense of “The Secret”.  He said that so many churches were taking it in a negative way…that it was “new age”….it’s in the bible….”as a man thinks, so is he”, “ask and you shall receive”.    The church there didn’t applaud him….but I did….and loud.  It seems that barriers are coming down all over….living in faith is so much better than living in fear….that was me not him….although he did say that the secret was simply living in faith….and it is.

I’m looking forward to talking to some people in the UK on a skype meeting…..through a new friend that I met via the website…..this website has been such a blessing in my life with the people that I have met….I’ll let you know how it goes….no details of course…..but how it goes : )

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