Happy Fall!

It’s always sad to see summer end….but fall is so beautiful. I love the yellow, orange and reds….and of course squash and it’s in abundance now. If you haven’t tried the “butternut squash soup” now would be a good time…it’s sweet, creamy and warm. The kids are back to school and life is exciting. Alexis joined the debate team….her friends begged her not to….they thought it was kind of nerdy : ) ….but I love her spirit, she just bounces right through….and she’s loving it….and they still love her : ) Brett’s back in his realm….he was made for school….he’s going to be 19 on Sunday….the last year of being a teenager….I’m lucky, both of my kids were wonderful….Alexis still is…..teenagers.

I had 3 classes scheduled and none of them took…but that’s totally alright. I’m having a “small group” meeting at my house….it’s a group through church that is such a blast….who knew church….or church things could be so much fun and fulfilling….I’ve never belonged to a church….I never found one that fit for all of us…..but this one fits amazingly. Brett already went to school by the time we found it…..but I really want him to feel like this too…..His very good friend….who is a girl….that he has all of his classes with….and spends a lot of his free time with….apparently she’s not his girlfriend…..they’re just friends…..but I’ve never seen him act like that with Steven, Daniel or Chris….so, okay, if you say so : ) Anyway Agneta is big into church…so I’m hoping that the message will still keep getting to him….I know it will. Eric and I also just started a class together through it last night called “Experiencing God”….and yes, that is exactly what we’re doing. I’ve been going to a meditation group for 15 years….and still will…..that is how I’ve learned to experience God…..and it’s been a wonderful path for me….but just me….now I can do this with Eric too….I believe that God sent me to this church several years ago and kept nudging me to go….I just wasn’t getting it….now I do and it’s amazing….and it’s amazing for Eric and Alexis too….now if we can only make it amazing for Brett.

Life is good. Now I’m going to go and finish spring cleaning my kitchen….I know it’s fall….I got a little behind : )

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