American Diet Too Sweet for the Heart’s Health (

Wow, what a good day!  I received an email last Friday from….I almost deleted it but quickly looked at it first.  Lauren Cox, a health reporter asked me to call her and interview with her if I had time….I thought I’d call and see if it was for real….and she was.  The American Heart Association released information regarding sugar and it’s effects on the heart,  she was doing an article on it and wondered if I would answer some questions….I did and she quoted me in her article….how fun!  She also linked people to this site….thank you Lauren!  Welcome to all of you who are here because of her.  This really is an amazing way to live once you get the hang of it….and the more that people live like this the more places and products  will be available to make it easier.  Yeah, I’m so glad that you’re here…..have an awesome day : )   Here is the article

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