One more coffee detox….it’s still amazing!

I’m pretty sure that I’m never ever going to go back to coffee.  I have had a couple of very intense emotional things happen this week that would normally have had me totally bazerk…..I do feel a little bad….but I’m so amazed at how mellow I am and able to just go forward even though others are losing it.  The things that others are doing are a bit painful but I am responding with compassion rather than anger….and I so would have been angry before….it’s a cover for hurt.  (It’s nothing here in my immediate family, but that’s really all I should say about it).

I feel blessed that I was “urged” to give it up a few weeks ago….it’s like God could see it coming and put me in a better space so I could handle it….and it’s been an opportunity to see how far I’ve come in this area.  Eric is so impressed that he’s ready to give it up too.  Agneta, Brett’s very good friend, sent me a link for coffee alternatives…..she just couldn’t believe that I just gave it up : )   Anyone that knows me, knows it was the last thing that I wanted to do…..the link she sent me….and thank you Agneta….was on Chicory Root….there is no caffeine in it and it tastes pretty close to coffee….if you make it though, use about 1/3 of the amount of coffee you would use…it’s very strong….but healthy….it’s good for digestion and cleansing of the liver.  Yerba Mate’ was another….it does have caffeine….about 1/2 the amount of coffee but more anti oxidants than green tea….I still drink that too.  Both chicroy root and yerba mate’ enhance energy but without the fight or flight reaction that coffee give you….give her a go.

Alexis is on her very first mission trip….I miss her….but she is having a great time….she was hanging dry wall and doing the mudding the last time we heard from her….she has a big heart…..I love that girl so much!  She’s like having sunshine in the house.  It is quiet here without her….too quiet.

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