American Diet Too Sweet for the Heart’s Health (

Wow, what a good day!  I received an email last Friday from….I almost deleted it but quickly looked at it first.  Lauren Cox, a health reporter asked me to call her and interview with her if I had time….I thought I’d call and see if it was for real….and she was.  The American Heart Association released information regarding sugar and it’s effects on the heart,  she was doing an article on it and wondered if I would answer some questions….I did and she quoted me in her article….how fun!  She also linked people to this site….thank you Lauren!  Welcome to all of you who are here because of her.  This really is an amazing way to live once you get the hang of it….and the more that people live like this the more places and products  will be available to make it easier.  Yeah, I’m so glad that you’re here…..have an awesome day : )   Here is the article

One more coffee detox….it’s still amazing!

I’m pretty sure that I’m never ever going to go back to coffee.  I have had a couple of very intense emotional things happen this week that would normally have had me totally bazerk…..I do feel a little bad….but I’m so amazed at how mellow I am and able to just go forward even though others are losing it.  The things that others are doing are a bit painful but I am responding with compassion rather than anger….and I so would have been angry before….it’s a cover for hurt.  (It’s nothing here in my immediate family, but that’s really all I should say about it).

I feel blessed that I was “urged” to give it up a few weeks ago….it’s like God could see it coming and put me in a better space so I could handle it….and it’s been an opportunity to see how far I’ve come in this area.  Eric is so impressed that he’s ready to give it up too.  Agneta, Brett’s very good friend, sent me a link for coffee alternatives…..she just couldn’t believe that I just gave it up : )   Anyone that knows me, knows it was the last thing that I wanted to do…..the link she sent me….and thank you Agneta….was on Chicory Root….there is no caffeine in it and it tastes pretty close to coffee….if you make it though, use about 1/3 of the amount of coffee you would use…it’s very strong….but healthy….it’s good for digestion and cleansing of the liver.  Yerba Mate’ was another….it does have caffeine….about 1/2 the amount of coffee but more anti oxidants than green tea….I still drink that too.  Both chicroy root and yerba mate’ enhance energy but without the fight or flight reaction that coffee give you….give her a go.

Alexis is on her very first mission trip….I miss her….but she is having a great time….she was hanging dry wall and doing the mudding the last time we heard from her….she has a big heart…..I love that girl so much!  She’s like having sunshine in the house.  It is quiet here without her….too quiet.

More on Coffee Detox

I’m starting week 3 without coffee and still amazed with what is happening.  I feel much more normal this week than last….in fact my energy is pretty steady rather than way up then, boom….I need a nap….or more coffee….usually both : )  The physical problems that seemed to be healed last week are still healed and I’ve had several “ah ha” moments….better understanding of old patterns and a lot more even keeled emotionally….not that I’m totally out of control….but things hit that fight or flight reaction a lot more than I realized while I was drinking so much of it.  It’s funny too….everytime I release something that has a grip on me, I can see where it was helping me to hide from something.  I had a fear that I had been carrying around most of my life….and it effected my reactions to things, how I thought about myself, others, situations, what I did, I was very defensive in this area….and understandably so….but my need to defend and protect myself like I was is no longer relevant…or to the extent that my fear was ruling.  It was something real in the past….but burried deep down….under the coffee….really…..the coffee reved me up and off I went….I was always running from this….but not aware that I was until last week….I was aware of the fear but it always seemed presant…not past….when it came up….or it would intensify something that was happening currently but all of my past energy would meet me here to keep me safe…if that makes sense.  I can still feel it a little….but the intensity and impact seem to have vanished….when we shine the light on our fears that seem like huge ugly monsters, (or uncover their hiding place)….they usually turn out to be so much more manageable than we thought.

I’ve been eating about 80% raw and very little meat….I think that I eat meat once or twice a month and chicken about the same….I like to throw some salmon in at least once or twice too…but other than that, I stick to pretty much a vegetarian diet.  Some friends brought over some beautiful home grown vegetables last week….eating food that you know was cared for with lots of love and attention gives you such a special and privelidged feeling eating it….it feeds more than just your body.  I think that this way of eating also made it possible to let go of the coffee….and I did already say that I really didn’t want to….I asked God to give me the willingness…..and He totally gave it to me : )

This is quite an exciting path listening to what I feel that God is telling me and following it.  He has taken me to places I never thought that I’d go, doing things that I never thought that I’d do and meeting people that I never knew that I would meet.  Some things are what I dreamed and some are even better….the hard things have brought me to new levels that I wouldn’t have gone to without the push….so I try to just do what He says to begin with now : )  I get the message.

One more thing, I read a book called “Caffeine Blues” by Stephen Cherniske.  This is a very good thing to read if you are wondering if coffee is causing you any problems….most of the ones that I had are explained in this book….and I don’t know about you, but I love to read everything I can get my hands on when I’m going through something that show the way through.

Have a great week….I’m so glad that you are part of my world!