Good bye Michael

A friend asked me last week if I cried when I heard that Michael died, I said no but I was sad….but it didn’t really register.  Today they had his memorial on and I watched it for a little while….I just caught the end.  I saw  Jermaine and his daughter Paris talk, I saw his family all standing around together….they have always seemed so close and loving to each other.  I had forgotten about LaToya until I saw her in the back and went to the computer to show Alexis what she looked like….I thought that she looked just like Janet….she does now….but the old pictures of her don’t.  Anyway, that led me to show her Jackson 5 stuff and I saw the ABC song on You Tube and played it.  Oh my God, I forgot how cute he was, I just wanted to grab him and hug him.  Then I watched Ben….I love that, I’ll be there, Rockin Robin, Black or White….now I’m sobbing like a baby.  The albums “The Wall” and “Thriller” took me through junior high and high school….and of course the Jackson 5 with the cartoon, their band, then “The Jackson’s” through adolecence.  It does feel like I lost someone important, someone that I loved….and really, he did seem like that….love…and joy.  There was an amazing energy  that shot off of him and touched everyone within listening distance….the impact that those old video’s had on me was happy, excited, and made me laugh and get up and dance….because he just was so so so cute.  I hear that you take the love with you when you go….he must feel so incredibly wonderful right now.  You are in my heart Michael.

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