April 28,2009

For exercise I did “Bun’s of Steel Yoga”, another oldie but goodie…also about 45 minutes.  Lucky me also I got a massage at the Chiropractor.  I’ve had problems with the bottoms of my feet….and getting worse all the time….for the past month or two….I had a little of it last year too but it cleared up with the raw food and a colonic.  I had a massage about a week and a half ago too and it seemed like the pain left….but then it came back the next day worse.  I went on a 3 day juice fast and it seemed to almost disappear….then I started eating again and it came back….I was thinking that I needed another colonic and maybe to go all raw again….I’m still excited about going raw again anyway….and I do have flat feet so I was thinking that I needed to start looking in the orthopedic shoe department : )  I’m not a grandma yet….not for a long time.  Well, back to the massage….she cracked both of my feet in the middle and it was really really loud.  Today….even barefoot through the house….they don’t hurt….I can even push on the callus’s and they don’t hurt.

For food:  1/4 C oatbran, Pinacolada smoothie, oil pill, green drink

16 oz butternut squash soup…1/2 raw and 1/2 cooked….it wasn’t blending well all raw….but it tasted wonderful all together!   4 oz buckwheat with 1/2 C soy milk, 1/2 banana, 4 oz strawberries

16 oz Awesome Rawsome salad with an ear of corn….raw corn is so much better than cooked.  Sprouted bread, 1/4 avocado, Chocolate/peanut butter smoothie.

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