I watched and got to participate in a live chat on line with Angela Stokes and Matt Monarch….they’re raw food leaders.  I am still so fascinated with that life style….in a lot of ways it’s not me….but there is a real pull….and the short time that I did it I noticed a profound difference emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Look at Angela’s story when you get a chance (rawreform.com), she lost over 160 lbs….she now weighs less than that and has maintained it for I think 7 or 8 years….eating all raw.  Reading stories like hers, Shazzie, David Wolfe, Tanya Zavasta, the Butinko’s and more all inspired me to do it last year and it was a really nice experience….one that I’ve been trying to get back in to doing.  I’ve stayed over 50% raw, but the more the better.

I made an amazing salad today that’s similar to one I have in the recipes from last year….but it has more stuff….and was so good that it will be for lunch tomorrow.  It’s full of sprouts, raw corn….amazing….tomato, cucumber, radishes and avocado….everything was so juicy and fresh dressing was not needed or missed.

On Angel’s blog she lists what she eats each day….I really like that….I like to know exactly what people are doing to get the results that they’re getting and she inspired me to do the same so I’ll be journaling what I’m eating and any exercise that I’m doing too.    So I’ll be reporting the day before when I do it.

green drink, oil pill, 1/4 C oat bran,( 4 oz strawberries, 1/2 banana, 4 oz tofu, 1 C vanilla soy milk, stevia, banana extract….all blended to make a smoothie), vitamins.

12 spiralina/chlorella tabs, 16 oz salad with homemade dressing….it wasn’t good, 1/2 sweet potato….made into fries, 8 oz grapes, (chocolate/peanut butter Smoothie), vitamins.

Butternut soup, (this will be on the website and was really, really good….last night was cooked but I’m going to try raw tomorrow.)  8 oz salad with 4 oz sprouted garbanzo beans and 4 T Goddess Dressing.

I did some light yard work….washed and carried the patio chairs for exercise….not ideal….yeah for spring though!!!!

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