Is Yoga Enough?

My basement is getting finished….it’s looking great too….but I haven’t been able to do my “Firm” workout for a couple of weeks.  I thought this was a good opportunity to go raw again, (also just because I was feeling stuck and heavy) and to see how I would do on just yoga and pilates….go for that nice lean dancer type of look.  Last week I did yoga…a little too intensely…what I though were toxins leaving my kidneys were really bones and/or muscles being strained too much.  The result….acute back pain for the past 4 days.   I’ve also had to do some painting….it will save me $800 : )…..but going up and down that little ladder didn’t feel so good….and I think it made it worse….walking felt good though….but the bottom line is that I really didn’t exercise much at all last week…or the week before….except for a few days.  Today even though….maybe because…..I was in pain I did yoga.  I did one that I’ve had for  a while but couldn’t do before….I did it…all except “The Raven”, (you put your body weight up on your arms and balance….I’m so not there yet).  It was way too hard for me in the past and I never finished it….today, it was refreshing….and my back has loosened up a bit.  I have a Chiropractor appointment and massage this afternoon…so the two of them will get me up and running again…just kidding about the running…I don’t run.

I’m wondering now though if yoga is enough.  It looks like that’s the main exercise of a lot of raw fooders, it feels good…..and I know a woman who is about 65 who does it…and does it well….she looks amazing, (healthy, bright eyes, skin and hair, no wrinkles), and seems to have a full and abundant life….I know she’s been a vegetarian for quite a few years too.  I look at people like Rodney Yee….he’s all muscle and Marielle Hemingway….she looks great and is my age.  I would love feed back on your personal experience with it.