My health has improved again : )

I go every January to have the check up tests….it’s my birthday presant to myself : )  Last year my thyroid was low and so was my energy.  It’s funny because for about 20 years….since I found out that your thyroid going off can make you fat and taking the medication can mean weight loss…..I wanted my thyroid to be off….now that I’m finally at a comfortable and stable weight…it happened….go figure.  Now I don’t want medication…if I can avoid it…if I need it, I’ll take it….but I hope to not need it and to find the source of the disease.  I had the prescription for armor thyroid…it’s supposed to be more natural…it comes from a pig….but can still go haywire in the system…..although I did read some very positive things about it….that’s why I filled the prescription….but I still didn’t want to be on medication.  I started taking kelp drops in my water, (for the iodine because iodine regulates the thyroid), when I bought them the woman said to be careful….when she took them she was bouncing off the walls….so I took what I thought was the minimum….nothing happened for over a week.  I decided to take the medication and had it in my hand when I looked at the bottle one more time….it said 8 drops….so I gave it another chance….and my energy came back that very day, and the next, and the next….life was good….I later changed to “Metabolic Advantage” it had more stuff in it and have been taking those ever since along with occasional kelp drops….my energy dropped again recently…but it is winter….and I added back the kelp drops, that seems to help again.  Any way, when I got my test results back this year the thyroid was way within the normal range!  I love this life style.  Biologically I’m aging….but physically….it actually seems to be continually improving :  )  Thanks God!

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