Cabin fever anyone?

Every year…in the fall….I tell myself that I’m not going to let the weather and the light effect my actions and mood….and every year it does.  I think that January and February are the most challenging.  Right now the sun is kind of shining on the snow…that’s really pretty….but for the most part I’m ready for spring.  It starts getting hard to make myself do anything other than what is absolutely necessary, it’s the “hibernation” time of year….and sometimes I just go with it.  One thing that I’ve made an absolute necessity though is exercise, it releases endorphins….those “feel good chemicals”, and boy do I need them this time of year….but I have to make myself keep up with it because it’s just so easy to fall into a slump.  Yesterday I did an hour weight/aerobic workout then sat in the infra red sauna for 40 minutes….my entire mood and out look changed back to positive, hopeful, happy…..I do the weight/aerobic workout 2 days a week and yoga/pilates 2 days a week.

The class at the YMCA started this week….we have a great group….I know it’s going to be fun….and that will help with the feeling up and good….another important thing to do in the winter is to have focus on the positive and to be around people who are moving forward….also important is to turn that t.v. off….especially the news.  The news is designed to get our attention…and the negative/fear based stuff usually does it.  I found a website for my area that shows all of the progress going on and coming in(….there are so many wonderful things happening here in Lansing Michigan but you would never know it just listening to the news….in fact all I want to do is go jump in my bed and pull the covers over my head.

Other positive things to do are watching motivational movies like “The Secret”, “You Can Heal Your Life”….this isn’t the same as keeping the tv on : ).  Read inspirational books, go places with friends, take a fun little class, go to the YMCA and work out, start “spring cleaning” on the inside so when it’s warm again you can just get out there.  My personal favorite is what my cousing Kim does….and I hope to some day as well….she and Kevin go one week each of the yucky months  to either a warm and exciting place or a cruise….yes, I think that’s the winner of the day.  Well, I just pumped myself up to get some things done….talk to you soon : )

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